Word on the Tweet was wrong: 10% unemployment.

Went down .2% instead of up .2%.  My sarcastic reaction to the folks responsible for this amazing long-term trend in the American economic situation* remains unchanged.

*The below is the good news.

There was little change in wholesale and retail trade employment in November.
Within retail trade, department stores added 8,000 jobs over the month.

The number of jobs in transportation and warehousing, financial activities,
and leisure and hospitality showed little change over the month.

Employment in professional and business services rose by 86,000 in November.
Temporary help services accounted for the majority of the increase, adding
52,000 jobs. Since July, temporary help services employment has risen by

Health care employment continued to rise in November (21,000), with not-
able gains in home health care services (7,000) and hospitals (7,000). The
health care industry has added 613,000 jobs since the recession began in
December 2007.

Feeling good yet?

Word on the Tweet: November unemployment 10.4%.

[UPDATE]: Word on the Tweet was wrong. A mere 10%.

If true: wonderful. Simply wonderful. And at precisely what unemployment rate do we have to reach before the current ruling party starts to admit that they’ve been mucking up economic policy since January 2007? 11%? 12%? 15%? 36.567%? Things are starting to get a little stretched out here.

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