They’re gonna make another Monsterverse movie, it seems.

GeekTyrant reports that they’re tapping GODZILLA VS. KONG director Adam Wingard for another monster flick. GeekTyrant also reports that they’re unsure precisely why. To which I have to say: 75/91 on Rotten Tomatoes, and $400 million box office in a world where movie theaters exist in this sort of sporadic, half-alive half-dead state.

Seriously. Rocket science, this ain’t. Of course they’re going to make a sequel! They made one after GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS, and that one bombed among people who weren’t me! Admittedly, they had this flick in the can already, and were just waiting for a moment to uncork it, and it turns out that the first gasping breaths of air after the country thrashes back to the surface of the COVID pool was a wizzo time to light that particular candle.

And how was all of that for a mixed metaphor?

The GODZILLA VS. KONG Honest Trailer.

I guess Honest Trailers doesn’t wait anymore, when it’s streaming. They also understand the fundamental thing about GODZILLA VS. KONG: this movie cannot be judged by the usual criteria. It is about spectacle, pure and simple. They also picked up on the retro-conspiracy theory, which I kind of wish this series would go and run with. I like me a good Merovingian fish-man plot movie…


…On the small screen, alas. Or not alas: I have a horrible habit of pausing movies, when I can. The button’s always right there, promising me the decadent joys of watching films at my speed. Oddly, I don’t miss it when I’m in the actual theater, but give me a change to indulge myself and I’ll take it.

Now watch: I’ll see GODZILLA VS. KONG and decide to run out to see it right away in theaters. God knows when I’ll have the time, though. It’s gonna be a busy couple weeks…

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GODZILLA VS. KONG still on for November 2020.

That’s the subtext here, at least. Now, I know what you’re wondering. You’re wondering, “But Moe! GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS made less than four hundred million on a two hundred million dollar budget! How can there be a sequel, with numbers like that?”

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GODZILLA VS. KONG release delayed.

From March 2020 to November 2020. …Can’t say that I’m surprised, alas. I mean, *I* liked GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS. It gave me what I wanted: kaiju and the USAF throwing down in various configurations. Alas, and unaccountably (I, as always, blame Communists) it did not do well. BUT! They already had the next movie done. So GODZILLA VS. KONG has gotta get released sometime. Apparently, ‘sometime’ is ‘next November.’ Ach, well.

I still win.