Tweet of the Day, Keep Uranus Jokes To Yourself edition.

…I’d say ‘I’m Sorry,’ but I try not to lie on this site.

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Early night tonight.

The news in Manchester, coupled with my general exhaustion today, conspire to put me to bed early. And offering up a few prayers for the slain, and those working to save the hurt.  And even a prayer or two for the souls of the people who ordered that atrocity*, because hellfire is Eternal and they will have a limited window of time for repentance.

Moe Lane

*Christianity is hard, sometimes.

On second thought…

…I’m just going to load up Steam, see if Far Harbor auto-downloads, and not care if it does or not because I’m going to bed.  Yes, I find this as unnatural as you do. But I got a field trip tomorrow and I may have a mild ear infection so eight hours sounds like a good idea.

…Dear Lord.

Without a working desktop computer, I might… I might… I might have to go to bed early. This is strangely terrifying, yet strangely alluring. I mean, what if I get eight hours sleep? I might wake up early, too!

Seriously, I’m kind of beat. Gonna pick a video and then hit the sack reasonably early for once.