Quote of the Day, Matt Welch edition.

I’m really looking forward to the day when tech CEOs feel comfortable in saying “Damn RIGHT, I helped kill newspapers! I’m running a business here!” – Matt Welch.

He goes on to suggest a certain amount of shock therapy, which just happens to resemble high school bullying. Speaking as somebody who suffered from it once*, it does have a certain motivational power to it. It does also breed a certain desire for blood-soaked revenge, so caution seems… best.

Via R.S. McCain, who has an Unfortunate Picture.

Moe Lane

*Once. It turns out that diving off of a bleacher your freshman year to tackle somebody does wonders for ensuring a reasonably tranquil high school existence. My only regret is – well, my only two regrets are the lack of a video camera and that I was unable to convincingly froth at the mouth.

Well, I wasn’t looking for popularity. I was looking to do my time and be left the Hell alone.

Prison metaphor deliberate.

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Gmail vexes me.

It’s been wonky for the last two weeks or so now – to the point where I’m pretty much automatically loading up the basic HTML version so that I can read my mail – and now it’s utterly collapsed into a 502 server error mess. Is there a DDOS attack going in, or did the hamsters stop running the wheel, or what?

I shall now publish this, and thus have Gmail immediately load up, simply to spite me.

[UPDATE]  Dammit.

Well, I needed to add my comments policy to the About page anyway.  Short version: it’s whatever I feel like it being, in case that wasn’t obvious already.

See, this is why I avoided Blogger.

It’s come out (via Cynthia Yockey – sorry, Cynthia) that Just a Girl in short shorts talking about whatever got effectively shut down by Google. Again. Details here and here. Like Cynthia, I recognize that the obvious advice – don’t rely on Google for anything about your website that you don’t mind losing if the company decides to turn on you – is unwelcome because it’s so unfair, but life isn’t fair, or even unfair in our favor often enough.

As for videos, though: Heritage New Media Partners offers a free hosting service.  Keep that in mind if YouTube decides to play “Oops, we lost your campaign video” games again next year.

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