God, this is the THIRD Green Bay / Settlers of Catan post I’ve written.

So first I wrote a post out about the  The Settlers of Catan-loving Green Bay Packers winning their football game. …They promptly blew the lead, big time.  So I wrote a post out about them losing, and commiserating with them accordingly. And then I said this on Twitter:

So what happens?

And now it’s in overtime. Gah. I’m not even WATCHING this game and it’s driving me crazy!

Moe Lane

Pat Quinn (D, IL) is playing with fire here.

I had and have no stake in any confrontation between the Bears and the Packers, but a bet is a bet, Governor Quinn.  You bet Governor Walker of Wisconsin that the Bears would win the NFC Championship.  You lost that bet.  Accordingly, your soup kitchen volunteer shift awaits.  So stop looking nervously at various union bosses and pay up.

Because if you don’t, you’ll never get to make another media-friendly friendly wager without your welching on this one being brought up.

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