Group Seed: The Mundane Council.

Mundane Council – Google Docs

The Mundane Council


People automatically assume that something called ‘the Mundane Council’ is, well, ‘mundane’ as we understand the term now: boring, unexceptional, not unusual at all.  Which is why the Council keeps the name; it’s helpful to be underestimated. Particularly when you’re a member of a self-selected group dedicated to keep everything, well, operational.


The Mundane Council is one of those groups that claims a history that stretches back over a thousand years.  It’s also — much more rarely — one of those groups that can do so credibly. The Council was founded by Gallo-Roman nobles seeking to regain power after the Frankish conquest in the fifth century AD; by the eighth century their group was secretly ruled by Charlemagne himself, which leads to an interesting question as to whether or not they ultimately succeeded, or failed.  Certainly the Council has had a lot of fingers in a lot of European pies since then.

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Group Seed: Zubi Maritime Security.

Zubi Maritime Security – Google Docs

Zubi Maritime Security


Insignia: an eight-pointed star with a red square in the center


This security company is based out of Burgas, Bulgaria: it has satellite offices in Muscat, Ratnagiri, Irem, Aden, and Rotterdam.  Zubi specializes in providing security for ships traveling in the Gulf of Aden and Arabian Sea, and has been doing so for at least thirty years.  The company currently shows no signs of expanding into different markets.

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Group Seed: Klacz Nocy Energy Distributors.

Klacz Nocy Energy Distributors – Google Docs

Klacz Nocy Energy Distributors


Despite the name, it’s an energy brokerage company operating out of Bangkok.  Klacz Nocy specializes in brokering deals between the smaller Thai natural gas drilling companies and the ravenous maw of Chinese industry; the company arranges between one and three LNG shipments via cargo boat per year, and has a quietly excellent reputation for providing shipments on time, of good quality, and without much in the way of expensive complications.  Recent troubles in the Thai natural gas market seem to have no effect on Klacz Nocy, either. If anything, the company has increased shipments slightly to match the demand.

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Group Seed: Infinite Geste.

Infinite Geste – Google Docs

Infinite Geste


The Lords of Time who came up with Infinite Geste had a simple goal: come up with an organization that could function in any historical era, any timeline, any alternate universe, from the Dawn of Man to the Fall of Man.  So perhaps it wasn’t really ‘simple.’  ‘Straightforward’ works just as well as a description, though.

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Group seed: Cosgrove and Stewart.

Cosgrove and Stewart – Google Docs

Cosgrove and Stewart


To begin with, that’s the name of the company, not the two people who currently run it.  Cosgrove and Stewart has the exoteric background of being a bookbindery that specializes in restoring and preserving truly antique books and scrolls; the company maintains offices in London and New York City.  It is very much a high-end business institution: Cosgrove and Stewart is on long-term retainer with numerous national and academic libraries, Cambridge University Press, B’nai B’rith, the Genda Shigyo paper company, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Universal Exports, Bolten-Brauerei, the Windsor dynasty, Schwabe, Gazzetta di Mantova, the DIA, the World Council of Churches, Chief Khalsa Diwan, the National Geographic Society, and the Girl Scouts of America.

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Group seed: The Benevolent Gentlemen of Saint Attis.

Benevolent Gentlemen of Saint Attis – Google Docs

The Benevolent Gentlemen of Saint Attis


Don’t believe the name: every word in “The Benevolent Gentlemen of Saint Attis” is a lie, with the possible exceptions of ‘the’ and ‘of.’  Explaining why will take some unpacking, however. In reverse order:

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Group Seed: the Strategic Emergency National Imitative – Occult Reserve.

Strategic Emergency National Imitative-Occult Reserve – Google Docs

Strategic Emergency National Imitative – Occult Reserve


The 1970s were, in many ways, the high-water mark for organized occultism inside the federal government. There were a lot of ideas and procedures implemented during that time period that would have never been permitted either ten years before, or ten years after; but in that time period, all sorts of weird programs flourished.  And then promptly withered away to vestigial form, to be sure.

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Group seed: Regeneration Prison Solutions.

Regeneration Prison Solutions


This American private correctional company operates three facilities in the Midwest (two in Nebraska, and one in Iowa).  Each facility holds roughly six thousand inmates who have been convicted of a variety of violent and nonviolent crimes; Regeneration Prison Solutions has a mix of state and federal contracts, and does not favor one type over the other. Each facility has a special section for particularly dangerous individuals, but the vast majority of its inmates are in the general population.

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Group Seed: Undead Community Society.

Undead Community Society – Google Docs

Undead Community Society


The Undead Community Society (UCS) is what is left over when the creation of reliable necromantic reanimation spells results in the sudden appearance of free-willed Undead, who then break into factions supporting/opposing living humans, each other, and society in general.  There was a rather nasty little civil war among the Undead, in fact. The UCS was one of the two main factions, and the Zombie Liberation Front (ZLF) was the other. Fortunately for more or less everybody, ZLF lost. Badly.

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