Group Seed: The ‘True Living’ cult.

Went a little ‘yikes’ pretty fast, here.  Sorry about that…

The ‘True Living’ Cult

As vaguely apocalyptic cults go, True Living cultists (or ‘True Lifers’) are… well, they’re still pretty weird and mildly dangerous, but you could probably safely get one to change your flat tire (not that he would). You’ll still get the weirdness, but the dangerous part would be dialed back because the average True Lifer is intensely wary of the outside world.  Best to keep out of its way.

The basic principle of the True Living Cult is Eat All The Meat.  It’s partially metaphorical (‘you deserve total selfishness, so be totally selfish’) but very decidedly literal, too. Note, though, that these people aren’t carnivores, in the same way that vegans aren’t vegetarians. To be fair, True Lifers aren’t really comparable to vegans, either: after all, most vegans don’t literally worship animals via elaborate ceremonies involving ritual sacrifices cast into the flames. True Lifers do that, only with plants. Each group picks a species of plant life to venerate, then proceed to do so with the aforementioned immolation of various animals. Preferably while the animal is still alive. And after all the useful flame-vulnerable bits have been, ah, recycled. Yeah, basically imagine something out of a dream flash-image sequence in a horror movie and you’ll get an idea of the average Saturday night at the True Living’s local chapel/butcher’s station.

It’s probably a special miracle that True Lifers haven’t graduated to human sacrifices yet: partially that’s due to lingering morality, and partially because of an institutional awareness of just how dangerous it is to eat human meat.  Or it’s due to the fact that the True Living Cult is not under the control of any occult or supernatural group. They came up with this way of life all on their own. Continue reading Group Seed: The ‘True Living’ cult.

Group Seed: Stavemaster and Sons, Ltd.

Stavemaster and Sons, Ltd.

Stavemaster and Sons can exist in any world that has any sort of organized production of magical artifacts and weapons.  The company does not specialize in actual enchanting; that’s for specialists – and in some universes, the not-quite-sane.  What Stavemaster does is procure raw materials for enchanters; and for a truly esoteric value of ‘raw materials.’

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Group Seed: The Elmerite Order.

This went off the tracks – but in an interesting way, so I’ll allow it.

The Elmerite Order

So, it turns out that the worldview found in first edition Mage: The Ascension is not entirely inaccurate, after all.  Magic works; there are various Traditions that can manipulate it; but one paradigm (scientific rationalism) is so dominant that the others cannot operate freely on our plane of existence.  Fair enough… as far as that goes.

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Group seed: Her Majesty’s Special Egyptian Antiquities Squadron

There’s a character in The Secret World that would fit in with this crowd fairly well. Although he absolutely would not move.  Why should he, when the occult world comes to him?

Her Majesty’s Special Egyptian Antiquities Squadron

Because back then apparently the British Empire thought that it was funny to call its in-house cadre of Ancient Egyptian mummy-sorcerers ‘Antiquities,’ that’s why.  World War II was a time of great eccentricities.  Or at least it was a time when the British didn’t worry much about anything that wasn’t directly impacting their ability to survive as a nation and as an organized political entity. Continue reading Group seed: Her Majesty’s Special Egyptian Antiquities Squadron

Group seed: Transdimensional Ghoul Lords.

I cannot for the life of me remember whether I’ve actually written this out anywhere before.  If so, sorry. But, hey: it’s background for a story that I’m thinking of writing.

Transdimensional Ghoul Lords

The Transdimensional Ghoul Lords exist in – well, presumably it’s in another universe or parallel dimension.  Perhaps they just live under our feet.  Yes, crouching in the shadows, lurking in caverns noxious, dark, and corrosive, waiting to strike…

OK, yes, that’s rather stupid.  They do live underground, for preference: the species is mildly crepuscular, which is a fancy way of saying that they prefer to operate at dusk and dawn.  But the caves are decently-lit, spotlessly clean, have all utilities hooked in, and even have carpeting.  They also smell incredibly foul to humans, but that’s not the Ghouls’ problem.  As for crouching… well.  A species with the Ghoul Lords’ power doesn’t need to crouch anywhere.

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