“Dreams in the Witch-House” and “Pickman’s Model*” are both interesting choices for inclusion, in that they are both some of Lovecraft’s most intimate works. I might have swapped out “The Terrible Old Man” for “Witch-House,” but then: I’m not Guilllermo del Toro, so what do I know?

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Moe Lane

*I’m certainly excited to see how this anthology’s take on “Pickman’s Model” diverges or converges with mine. And mine is only 99 cents!



Word on the street is that a couple of the Cabinet of Curiosities are Lovecraft adaptations. Also note: Guillermo del Toro isn’t directing these himself, but that’s okay. Supposedly, ‘Dreams in the Witch House’ is one of the two Lovecraft works, and I’m happy to see that story get done with a decent budget.

Moe Lane

PS: Of course I want to see del Toro do IN THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS, instead. I also want world peace, an excellent working relationship with a reputable literary advertising agency, and a pony. I’m just managing my expectations.

Don’t tease me, bro: del Toro and At The Mountains of Madness.

Saw this on Facebook. It’s painful to contemplate, man. Painful.

Guillermo del Toro Still Hopes to Make H.P. Lovecraft’s At the Mountains of Madness

H.P. Lovecraft is considered one of the most seminal authors in all of horror and sci-fi literature, with filmmaker Guillero del Toro considered a visionary of cinema, and while del Toro’s previous efforts to adapt Lovecraft’s At the Mountains of Madness never moved forward, he recently confirmed that he’s still interested in making that project become a reality. The project first started to take shape back in the mid-2000s but didn’t seem to make substantial steps forward until the early 2010s, but even with impressive names attached, del Toro’s plans never worked out and he continues to hope the stars will align for the adventure.

I want this movie real bad, AS YOU ALL KNOW. But I suspect that the only way del Toro’s gonna get it made is if he tells the studio that he’s filming something else and nobody comes and checks. I know that sounds stupid, but apparently there’s resistance to doing the movie – and, no: I don’t know why it’s so hard to arrange, either. Maybe they’re worried about it coming out when the stars are right.

My only exoteric* comment about the Oscars.

And it’s one that many other people have made.  To with, that Guillermo Del Toro’s Best Director Oscar gives him some serious Hollywood juice right now.  Possibly even enough juice to let him make the picture every Lovecraft fan in the world wants him to make: a big-screen adaptation of At the Mountains of Madness.  As I said on Twitter the other day… I don’t know what I would do to get a Del Toro Mountains of Madness. I don’t know if I want to know what I’d do to get a Del Toro Mountains of Madness. But I’d watch the hell out of that movie, if he made it.

Moe Lane

*Yes, it’s a word. One that I’ve always been fond of.

New clip from “The Shape of Water.”

The Shape of Water is Guillermo del Toro’s… well, it’s probably not going to be del Toro’s take on “The Shadow Over Innsmouth,” but I look forward to seeing it on December 8th anyway.  Despite the fact that the art critics are raving about it: they’re going into the theater for one thing, and I’m going in for something entirely else. It’s no particular skin off of my nose if they find art in the creature feature flick that I’m watching. Continue reading New clip from “The Shape of Water.”

Guillermo del Toro’s Fantastic Voyage remake to start filming in 2018.

Next year. …First off: wow.  It’s 2017! I forget that we’re in the future now, sometimes.  All of the books that I read as a kid liked this time period for near-future stories — and not a one of ’em got it right.  Less space travel, hella better computers. Seriously, I think that we have better ones than the ones on Star Trek: TOS*. Continue reading Guillermo del Toro’s Fantastic Voyage remake to start filming in 2018.

The Shape of Water trailer.

I dunno if Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water is going to be a Deep Ones movie or a Abe Sapiens prequel in-all-but-name movie.  Will watch it, either way.  I kind of would groove to it being a “Deep Ones, but they aren’t all that bad” movie.  But then, I’m weird.

Moe Lane

PS: In case you’re wondering: supposedly, the reason why del Toro didn’t end up doing At The Mountains of Madness is because the idiot told the studios that it would end up rated R. And I don’t mean ‘idiot’ meanly: he’d agree with me. In fact, I read an interview the other day where del Toro was ruefully cursing himself for not lying about the intended rating until it was too late for the studio to do anything about it. Being ethical bites sometimes, huh?

Quote of the Day, I’d Watch This Star Wars Pitch, Sure edition.

Anybody except Guillermo del Toro, though – maybe not.  But I like del Toro’s stuff, even when he’s a little off.  So, sure:

“I would do the sort of Godfather saga that Jabba the Hutt had to go through to gain control. One, because it’s the character that looks the most like me, and I like him. I love the idea of a Hutt type of mafia, a very complex coup. I just love the character.”