California gun-grabber bill on Jerry Brown’s (D, CA) desk.

Your move, Governor Moonbeam.

The measure, aimed at an increasingly popular tactic used by 2nd Amendment activists, would make California the first state since 1987 to outlaw the controversial practice of publicly displaying a weapon.

The governor — a gun owner — has not taken an official position on the bill, passed by the Legislature last week. He has argued both sides of gun control issues in the past.

…because he’s going to have to make a choice now. California law currently permits the open wearing of unloaded firearms; this bill would eliminate such practices, despite the fact that an unloaded gun is pretty much by definition not a threat to anybody. But it does serve notice that there is someone out there who is prepared to respond to a threat, if necessary… and if people are worried that carrying guns might lead to gun violence: oddly enough, violent crime has gone down as firearms carry generally has gone up. Which should surprise nobody, but apparently still does. That’d be mostly people for whom guns are some sort of scary evil magical item, mind you. Continue reading California gun-grabber bill on Jerry Brown’s (D, CA) desk.

#rsrh Gun-grabbers’ ghoulish Giffords-grandstanding.

Just because they’re not anywhere near a majority at the moment doesn’t mean that they’re not prepared to stop on their radical agenda.  I imagine that the Tucson shootings must seem to be a heaven-sent opportunity for them:

Rep. John Conyers (Mich.), top Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, and 15 other Democrats on the panel sent a letter to Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Texas) on Friday seeking hearings on several gun-safety issues related to the Tucson shooting.

Conyers and his fellow House Democrats wanted to ‘investigate’ (read: grandstand) on extra-large ammunition clips; less superficially obnoxiously, they wanted an investigation into the procedures regarding mentally ill people’s access to guns.  The problem is, it’s a little disingenuous of them to have the hearings now.  There’ll be plenty of time for those after we hear precisely how Loughner slipped through the system – and actually get confirmation that the man is too insane to stand trial.

House Republicans understand that last bit, which is why I can take this occasion to write something that I had so few opportunities to meaningfully do during the previous four years: “Representative John Conyers?  Sit down, make yourself comfortable, and pour yourself a big mug of Shut The F*** Up.” Continue reading #rsrh Gun-grabbers’ ghoulish Giffords-grandstanding.