Tweet of the Day, I’m Pretty OK With This, Actually edition.

Better to have a Gundam and not need it, than need one and not have it.

Live-action Gundam coming to big screen.

Wasn’t this called something else in America? “Legendary and Sunrise are collaborating on a live-action film version of Sunrise’s “Gundam” giant robot franchise. The movie was announced by the companies on Thursday at the Anime Expo in Los Angeles.” I didn’t watch it, but there was some sort of show involving aliens and pilots and some of them were colored blue*? Continue reading Live-action Gundam coming to big screen.

Japan breaks down, will finally start building giant robots. For reals.

I think that I can speak for the rest of the world on this: we were wondering when you guys were gonna go ahead and just do it, already.

A team of Japanese animators and engineers on Wednesday unveiled plans to build a moving 18-metre (60-foot) tall Gundam robot, in a nod to millions of science fiction fans.

I hope that it’s understood, of course, that I am totally behind Japan building giant robots. This can be their thing. It’s an awesome thing. It’s all cool.

Via Fark Geek.