Sen. John Cornyn (R, TX) announced today that it’s time for Attorney General Eric Holder to go.

You know, Eric Holder… you better hope President Obama has you on his short list for pardons.  Or that the President is even ready to put such a list together.  But, hey, thanks for the material! The House is going to love having it.

Moe Lane

PS: Actually, AG Holder, what makes people tired with Washington DC is seeing partisan officials ignore the deaths of hundreds of people that took place as a direct result of those officials’ partisan domestic policies.  Even if the dead people are Mexicans.

Mister Holder.

“A black Cow, at midnight, eating a licorice…”

I got this Rep. Darrell Issa appearance wrt Operation Fast & Furious on Face the Nation via email today, and it’s worth watching:

Extra points, by the way, for CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson pointing out that the biggest problem here is that we don’t know what we don’t know. I have found that there’s a pretty close correlation between the group of people who didn’t recognize the clarity of Rumsfeld’s now-famous formulation, and the group of people who cannot be relied upon to come in out of the rain; it’s refreshing to see a CBS reporter demonstrate an acceptable level of cognitive awareness. Continue reading “A black Cow, at midnight, eating a licorice…”

Darrell Issa calls for special prosecutor on Fast & Furious.

UPDATE: Carol Greenberg of Conservative Outlooks – who was on the original call – reported that Issa did not quite call for a special prosecutor.  This may be a nuance issue on Issa’s part: I was not able to participate in this particular call myself, so I couldn’t say authoritatively.

Yes, my brothers and sisters: it’s that magical time in an administration where the old tradition is observed of cursing Jimmy Carter’s bones and liver for signing the Independent Counsel Act.  Because Darrell Issa called for a special prosecutor earlier this week:

House Oversight Chairman Darrell Issa on Tuesday called for a special prosecutor to investigate the growing “Fast and Furious” scandal, in which the Obama administration allowed guns to walk to Mexico, where they fell into the hands of drug lords and were found at the murder scene of at least one U.S. border agent.

Issa complained in a conference call that, “there is ongoing cover up of a pattern of wrongdoing that can’t be explained by any ordinary people (who tried) to do the right thing but made a mistake.”

(More here and here) Entertainingly, Attorney General Eric Holder would be the one who would have to appoint the person investigating… him; even more entertainingly, this actually makes it more difficult for Holder to stonewall things.  Continue reading Darrell Issa calls for special prosecutor on Fast & Furious.