Shock and Amazonment: 3rd edition GURPS supplements that I don’t have!

GURPS CONAN THE WYRMSLAYER, GURPS CONAN AND THE QUEEN OF THE BLACK COAST, and GURPS CONAN: MOON OF BLOOD. All of which were available for considerably less than usual, he said after getting the order confirmation email. I really need to go through my GURPS collection and get it properly sorted, though. It took far too long to make sure I didn’t actually have these books already.

Admittedly, usually I can assume that I do.


The GURPS GIRL GENIUS Kickstarter drops 10/20/21.

I wonder how fast it’ll fund. Depends on the amount, I guess. Anything under twenty grand, blink and you’ll miss it. But if they’re trying to pre-fund a print run, it’ll be higher, and that’ll take longer. Like, say, a day.

Moe Lane

PS: Of course I’m signed up to be notified.

Seven hours to go on the Steve Jackson Games’ GURPS 2021 PDF Challenge Kickstarter.

Everything in the Steve Jackson Games’ GURPS 2021 PDF Challenge Kickstarter’s unlocked, so if you were waiting for maximum return on your investment then now is the time to back it. It’s all digital, too, so no worries there. One reason why I buy a lot more European RPGs these days…