GURPS Wildcard skill: Nightmare! [GURPS 4E]

Nightmare! (Will): replaces Acting, Area Knowledge (Land of Dreams), Brainwashing, Brawling, Disguise, Dreaming, Enthrallment (all), Exorcism, Hidden Lore (Land of Dreams), Hypnotism, Interrogation, Intimidation, Mimicry, Observation, and Psychology for all rolls done within a dream. It does not give the ability to invade other people’s dreams, but will allow rolls to manipulate another’s dreams from the inside. Continue reading GURPS Wildcard skill: Nightmare! [GURPS 4E]

GURPS Martial Art: Umbrella-Fighting [GURPS 4E]

Umbrella-Fighting (7pt)

This style is not really suited for realistic campaigns, but it should work fine in urban magical or steampunk ones.  It need hardly be said that anyone planning to use this style should invest in a specially-reinforced umbrella (or a weapon that simply looks like an umbrella).  Still, as a fighting weapon the classic unfolding umbrella has its charms.  Adepts typically use a long, heavy umbrella (Staff) with a pointy ferrule (Rapier) and a curved handle (Axe/Mace); sudden switches and reversals of grip and stance are practiced until they become second nature. Note that the umbrella must be reversed in order to use it as a mace.

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Pouch of Wind [GURPS 4e]

Pouch of Wind  (Regular)

This spell pushes air into an inverted container with enough force to cause it to take flight. The exact angle of the thrust can be altered at will by the spellcaster, allowing for directed flight.  Lifted objects have a Move of 3; add 1 Move for every point of mana spent above the base cost.  This spell explicitly can be used on a parachute, parasail, or umbrella.

This spell is part of the Air College, not Movement.

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Umbrella-chute [GURPS 4E]

You ever have one of those days where you just had three ideas at once?  Today mine was on umbrellas.  Happy GURPS Day!


Umbrella-chute   (DX/Easy)

Defaults: DX-4, Parachuting -2

This is the ability to maneuver and land while using an umbrella as an improvised parachute.  This skill does absolutely nothing to reduce velocity; use an appropriate spell or power for that.  What it can do is allow the user to aim for a precise landing zone on the ground, and to avoid injuries from a bad controlled landing.

GURPS Advantage/Package: Shoggie-Ridden [GURPS 4e]

Shoggie-Ridden [12 pt]

This particular… affliction? Condition? Situation? …is one for the xenobiology books. There is a particular planet in human space where the dominant sentient species (called ‘Shoggies,’ for reasons known only to its discoverer) is a protoplasmic pile of protean goo with an unique life cycle. Shoggies reproduce by injecting reproductive material into the living bodies of large – say, human sized – animals. The injected material then permeates the host body, fortifying its blood, repurposing its vital organs, and… does nothing else for the remainder of the host’s natural life, beyond helping to keep it alive. Once the host dies (for whatever reason), the material consumes the rest of the host body within 12 hours, transforming it into a baby Shoggie. Most adult Shoggies have a reasonable analogue to human nurturing instincts; the ‘infant’ typically has no problem with finding ‘parents’ to raise it. Continue reading GURPS Advantage/Package: Shoggie-Ridden [GURPS 4e]

Lagoon-2 (Quantum 6) #gurpsday

There are bizarre timelines, and then there’s Lagoon-2.  On this world, fish-men rose out of the sea in 1954… just in time to help keep humanity from being slaughtered by an incursion of warped Ant-Men from inland.  Today, humanity more or less is safe whenever they’re within ten miles of saltwater.  Go past that, and things get… Weird… very, very quickly.

Infinity finds this place alarming, but profitable: the culture has frozen worldwide into a somewhat demented perpetual rockabilly extravaganza.  Turns out that there are two things that Ant-Men can’t stand: salt water, and rock-and-roll.  Which is one reason why Elvis Presley just got re-elected President, and why most remaining countries are almost literally ruled by their Top 40 lists. It’s not really a place for disaster tourism, but lots of people want to go to Lagoon-2 and try it anyway.

Lagoon-2, 1973

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An adaptation of Nikola Tesla’s GURPS Who’s Who 1 stats for 4e.

I needed this for something else, maybe, so since I was going to have to convert it anyway I figured that I might as well put it up here.  Please note: this is explicitly derived from the character stats found in GURPS Who’s Who 1, updated for the new edition. I made a few judgement calls and ignored the Third Edition point totals; judicious use of Talents could optimize/squeeze a few more points off of the total point cost.  Also note that this is not a cinematic Nikola Tesla. If that even means anything in this context, really.

But, hey, it might still be useful for GURPSDAY.

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GURPS Disadvantage: Quinzel’s Syndrome [GURPS 4e]

Quinzel’s Syndrome [-10]

Psychologists, of course, have long been intimately familiar with the tendency of a certain type of individual to willingly dress up in identical and vaguely silly uniforms, take on anonymizing nicknames, and commit crimes on the behest of a bizarrely-costumed and extravagantly-themed supervillain.  Research continues in what has been called Quinzel’s Syndrome since the 1990s, but it’s widely agreed that there is definitely an odd physiological, and possibly even genetic, predisposition towards minion-hood among an alarmingly wide segment of the population. Curing it is even more potentially fraught, particularly since there are those outside of criminal life who consider Quinzel’s Syndrome to be potentially useful, too.

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