Infinity Thumbnails Revisited: Maxmilian [Quantum 7]

I might be doing something more with this world at a later date, so I thought I’d put it up again in a more accessible form.

Maxmilian [Quantum 7]

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Sue Junkskunk [300 points] [GURPS 4e]

Sue Junkskunk [300 points]

Attributes [140]: ST 11 [10], DX 12 [40], IQ 14 [80], HT 11 [10]

Advantages [149]: Appearance (Attractive) [4], Artificer (4) [40], Business Acumen (1) [10], Charisma (4) [20], Common Sense [10], Single-Minded [5], Smooth Operator (1) [15], Social Regard (Respected) (1) [5], Social Regard (Venerated) (1) [5], Status (+1) [0], Versatile [5], Visualization [10], Wealth (Wealthy) [20]

Perks [1]: Honest Face [1]

Disadvantages [-50]: Bad Sight (Nearsighted) (Glasses) [-10], Code of Honor (Professional) [-5], Curious (12 or less) [-5], Honesty (12 or less) [-10], Obsession (“Fix all of this.”) (Long-Term Goal) (12 or less) [-10], Sense of Duty (Settlement) (Large Group) [-10]

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Two-Fisted Talents for Adventure! [GURPS 4e]

Two-Fisted Talents For Adventure!

Field Explorer

This Talent is for the more energetic sort of archaeologist or researcher.  It covers the skills used to get to and around the ruined temple, rather than why the temple existed in the first place — or why it’s ruined. If the GM wishes to add Gesture, Melee Weapon (Whip), and Traps to the Talent, raise the cost to 10 points/level.

Field Explorer: Area Knowledge, Climbing, Hiking, Jumping, Streetwise, and Survival.  Reaction bonus: students, people inclined to romanticism, anyone you’re currently rescuing. 5 points/level.

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Denver Slipstick [TL4+2]

Denver Slipstick [TL4+2] 

Description: a precisely calibrated and etched aluminum slide rule, with a reversible slide and T-bar.  The slide is actually doubly reversible; turning the slide over deosil, widdershins, and then deosil again will reveal a new set of markings that glow faintly blue and seem to be derived from alchemical symbols and other medieval occult markings.  Needless to say, the Denver Slipstick registers as magical on standard scans.

Use: Aside from the usual benefits of having a slide rule, use of the Denver gives a +1 to all Thaumatology or Ritual Magic rolls (no defaults!).

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Infinity Thumbnail: Mod (Quantum 3) [GURPS 4e]

Mod (Quantum 3)

This timeline has yet to be discovered by Homeline: it’s a combination of a shifted echo and the site of one of Centrum’s greatest parachronic disasters.  Centrum’s been searching for Reality Mod for some time, in fact; it has a quite romantic status among Interworld operatives. The Lost Timeline! An entire Intervention mission, exiled forever from their civilization!  But they’re probably all dead, of course. This all happened decades ago, after all.

But the Intervention mission team is still alive — well, except from the people who died for various reasons, of course.  The survivors and their children are still there, though; and still making Reality Mod safe for Centrum. As the mission team itself defines ‘safe.’  Or, for that matter, ‘Centrum.’ There’s been some cultural drift.

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Called Shot [GURPS 4e]

Called Shot [Protection and Warning]

Regular; Resisted by DX

This spell shifts all attacks to a specific Hit Location on the target.  That Hit Location does not receive extra protection!  Any attempt to aim at a different Hit Location will take double the usual penalty to hit, while aiming at the spell’s designated Hit Location ignores the usual penalty to hit.  Attempting to hit chinks in armor is at an additional -4, before doubling the penalty.

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Solomon Grant VIII [GURPS 4e]

Solomon Grant VIII [300 pt]

Attributes [112]: ST 10, DX 10, IQ 15 [100], HT 10, HP 10, Will 15, Per 15, FP 14 [12]

Social Background: 

Cultural Familiarities: Western (Native) [0].

Languages: English (Native) [0]; French (Native/Native) [6].

Advantages [121]: Destiny (Major) [10], Eidetic Memory [5], Magery (3) [30], Magery 0 [5], Patron (Order of the Eagle) (9 or less; Secret; Special Abilities: extensive social or political power) [25], Reputation (Military Writer) (1) (All the time; Almost everyone) [5], Sage (3) [30], Status (+1) [5]

Disadvantages [-65]: Bad Sight (Nearsighted) (Glasses) [-10], Code of Honor (Professional) [-5], 

Curious (6 or less; 12 or less) [-10], Duty (Magician for the Order) (9 or less (fairly often)) [-5], Duty (Teaching) (9 or less (fairly often)) [-5], Fanaticism (The United States of America) [-15], Secret Identity (Utter Rejection) [-10], Truthfulness (12 or less) [-5]

Quirks [-5]: Chauvinistic [-1], Drinks only historical beers [-1], Obsession (Learn everything about American military) [-1], Peppers speech with archaic sayings [-1], Reads most fantasy fiction for laughs [-1]

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Armatura Restaurada [GURPS 4e]

Armatura Restaurada 16/20

Skills: Axe-Mace, Broadsword, Crossbow, Hiking, Polearm, Shield, Spear

Optional Skills: Skills: 2-H Sword, Karate, Soldier, Wrestling

Techniques: Close Combat (Broadsword), Counterattack (Broadsword), Feint (Shield), Hook (Polearm), Retain Weapon (Shield), Sweep (Polearm), Targeted Attack (Broadsword/Vitals)

Cinematic Skills: Breaking Blow (Polearm), Kiai, Mental Strength, Power Blow

Perks: Shield-Wall Training, Teamwork (Armatura Restaurada)

Weapons: Bastard Sword, Crossbow, Duelling Halberd, Legionnaire Shield

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Neutron [Quantum 6] [GURPS 4e]

Neutron (Quantum 6)

This alternate timeline is unique in that both Homeline and Centrum were firmly convinced that in 1936 the other had intervened in Neutron’s General War, via the sudden and strategic use of neutron bombs against the Frankish Empire.  Certainly both sides had some reason to think so; the crippling of the Franks gave the English-speaking British Empire and the USNA more power in the postwar period (which would please Centrum), while ending a fairly nasty regime that seemed determined to reduce Eurasia to a series of slave states (which would please Homeline).  However, a recent operation managed to prove to both organizations that neither of them can take ‘credit’ for the intervention.

Which leads to the question: then who did?

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