#rsrh PBS’s Gwen “Bain-is-like-Solyndra” Ifill ‘livid’ at not being debate moderator.

Via @mlcalderone comes a touch of schadenfreude at Gwen Ifill’s reaction at the news that Jim Lehrer got the nod to be a debate moderator.  Well, schadenfreude for me:

More surprising was the reaction at PBS’s NewsHour, Mr. Lehrer’s home for more than 35 years until his retirement last year. The morning editorial meeting was under way on Monday when The Drudge Report revealed the names of the four moderators. Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff, the leaders of the program’s political coverage, were stunned to see the names.

In the suddenly gloomy meeting, some wondered if the list was legitimate. Others murmured that the selection of Mr. Lehrer was a setback for the “NewsHour,” which has been trying to show off younger stars like Ms. Ifill. Ms. Ifill, in particular, was livid, according to several people present. “I was indeed disappointed,” she confirmed Friday.

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