For the record: I don’t know that Master Chief could beat a Kaiju all on his own.

Admittedly, I don’t play Halo, so I am totally talking about things that I don’t know nothing about and I need to shut up now just shut up; still, I wonder whether that could happen, on a manner of sheer scale.  That was all one-on-one combat, right?

Commander Shepard, on the other hand… pshaw.  After her third Reaper her biggest problem there would be being able to see an enemy that small.

Via Penny Arcade, which was actually supposed to be about another topic, only Gabe’s kid is still too young to have that conversation.

San Francisco Weekly: Covenant Copperheads*?

(Via AoSHQ): Here’s what we in the business call a pro-tip for SF Weekly Blog gun-grabber Joe Eskenazi: if you want to write a post that can be summed up as Owner of legal firearms plans to sue pig-ignorant Californian law enforcement officials for false arrests and temporary confiscation of said legal firearms, go right ahead.

But, for the love of God: if you’re going to try to scare your readers by showing them a chart of those terrifying devil boom-sticks known as ‘assault weapons’…

…use real ones, dumb[expletive deleted].  I don’t even play Halo and I recognized it as being from a game on sight.

Moe Lane

*I don’t know whether to brag about that headline, or apologize for it.