‘Not necessarily possible:’ the damnable lie about the availability of the original Star Wars cuts.

I’m sorry, but it is. It absolutely is. Maybe J.J. Abrams is only innocently repeating the damned lie that he was told about how we can’t get the original Star Wars cut, but it’s still a damned lie.

According to J.J. Abrams, who you know has some insider knowledge all this recently talked about it in an interview. Abrams says he actually asked about a release of the cuts and was told it was not going to happen.

“I’ve been told that for reasons that I don’t quite understand that that’s not necessarily possible.” The filmmaker adds that the new cuts are “what Geroge Lucas wanted”. While he respects that, he does add, “there’s something about the original theatrical version that…for so many people… was what they loved.”

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So you actually CAN get a DVD where Han. Shot. First.

The 2008 edition of the Star Wars Trilogy (Widescreen Theatrical Edition). It’s the one with Luke and Vader in silhouette fighting on the cover, with lots of blue and IV, V, and VI at the bottom; apparently the other versions of this lack the original theatrical release.  …And it goes for $300 on Amazon, which fascinates me, because I think I only paid sixty bucks or so when I grabbed my copy back in ’08.

Guess that means that I don’t have to wait for Disney to get on the stick with this one after all.  But my sympathies, folks.  It really does make a hell of a lot of difference in Han’s character when it’s established right from the start just what kind of guy he is.

Moe Lane

PS: Needless to say, my children will be taught from this version only… until I think that they’re old enough to handle the horrors that came later.

Quote of the Day, George Lucas Is Upset That Star Wars No Longer Sucks edition.

This post of mine took longer than you might think to put up: it’s rather difficult to type when you’re only using two middle fingers.

Mr. Lucas appeared particularly unhappy with the direction the “Star Wars” franchise has taken since he sold the rights to it, along with Lucasfilm, his company, to Disney for $4 billion. He compared the sale to a breakup and a divorce.

The kind where one of the parties involved has to put out a restraining order… hey, I AM being measured in my response. Lucas literally called Disney ‘white slavers’ in this interview. As long as I don’t go more over-the-top than he did, I’m golden.

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Nodwick is confused about why Lucas himself…

…is so determined to rewrite history itself and declare that Han did not shoot first  (which, by the way, is in contradiction to the original script).  I suspect that I know the answer, but it’s depressing: George Lucas knows that his only hope for any sort of artistic immortality will be because the Holy Trilogy, and he hates that.  So he tortures his movies because, well, he can.

It’s sad, in its way.  Also: kind of creepy.

Moe Lane


Don’t do this, George Lucas.

Just… don’t.

…now the original Star Wars films could be given a modern make-over and converted into 3D.

Director George Lucas has hinted that the new advances in technology mean it is now a possibility to see all six films re-made.

Please, let it be over. Maybe in thirty years or so a new director will be able to repair the damage that you have done to your own masterpiece. Until then, let it go.

Via AoSHQ Headlines.

Moe Lane

PS: I don’t care what your ‘artistic vision’ says. I don’t care what your ‘evolving sensibilities’ challenge you to change. I don’t care if you are the ultimate arbiter of canon, and even if you were able to control the rest of the world in the same way that you were apparently able to control the t-shirt trade I would still sound my barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world:

Damn your eyes, George Lucas.