My own private (until now) internal/external hard drive debate.

I have been thinking about this problem myself: astoundingly, my just-under-one-tetrabyte internal drive is starting to run out of space. I say ‘astoundingly’ because I remember when hard drives of this size were something that you saw in GURPS Space (admittedly, that was back in TL7, and we’ve been in TL8 for some time now).  My concern is what happens if the external drive goes up; I tried once to repurpose an old drive with a new case and a cord, and all I got for my trouble was a broken drive and the semi-permanent loss of virtually everything I had written at the time.

I guess the question is, will I be able to run games without issue off of an external drive? Unlike the console gamers in the link above (assuming that the attitudes there are reflective of that category of gamer), I don’t care if the lines of my machine are clear as long as I can play the blipping game.  But if load times and framerate is slow, well, that’s a problem now.

Thoughts and opinions welcome.

The EPA… has had some convenient hard drive crashes, too.


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the IRS share a problem: officials say they cannot provide the emails a congressional committee has requested because an employee’s hard drive crashed.

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy confirmed to the House Oversight Committee Wednesday that her staff is unable to provide lawmakers all of the documents they have requested on the proposed Pebble Mine in Alaska, because of a 2010 computer crash.

The hard drive in question was assigned to Philip North. And this is the part… this is just the part.

Uh- huh.

Moe Lane (crosspost)