#rsrh American Crossroads releases “Two-For-Flinching” anti-Obama ad.

Well… they called it “Replay,” but that’s because American Crossroads has more essential couth than I do.

For those without video, it’s all about the infamous, Did-he-really-say-that?, Dear-God-he-really-said-that, Kinsley gaffe of a “You didn’t build that” comment that is harshing the Lightworker’s mellow.  Apparently President Obama’s not very used to having people actually call him out on stupid things that he’s said, and Obama’s being ever-so-aggrieved about it as a coping mechanism.  And I would like to wish the President… good luck with that.

No, really.  Wait: I’ll even make that wish using the legendary traditions (and symbolism) of the peoples of Hawaii.  I’m doing it right at this moment, in fact*… Continue reading #rsrh American Crossroads releases “Two-For-Flinching” anti-Obama ad.

…It lacks only a “Bless Your Heart.”

I technically first saw this over at AoSHQ, but my wife was telling me about this yesterday: it’s apparently a letter written in 1865 from a former slave to his former master, who had written to him offering a job after the Civil War.  If you ever want to learn how to tell somebody to go perform a sexual act upon himself without once using profanity and/or a direct insult, this would be an excellent place to start.

#rsrh Glenns Greenwalds are whining again.

Instapundit’s Glenn Reynolds notes – not publicly gleefully – that Glenns Greenwalds are very upset.  It seems that Greenwalds are bothered by the fact that while it was apparently OK to call Reynolds evil for endorsing a targeted assassination program against Iranian nuclear weapons engineers and terrorist-enabling mullahs, it’s apparently not OK for Obama to be criticized for effectively signing off on such a program.  It’s apparently even worse to publicly approve of Ron Paul’s Israel views when compared to Barack Obama’s.  Poor Greenwalds are feeling aggrieved. And betrayed. And scorned.

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Speaker Boehner extends State of the Union invitation to President.

That’s not all he’s extending.

Speaker of the House John Boehner has formally offered an invitation to the President to give his annual State of the Union address.

As we work together to end this legislative year by advancing initiatives to help Americans struggling a difficult economy, we must also look ahead for new opportunities to put solutions before politics.  In the coming year,. Republicans will continue our efforts to create an environment for economic growth and job creation, and we welcome an opportunity to hear your new ideas for working with the Congress.  There fore, I am privileged to invite you to deliver an address on the State of the Union on January 25, 2012, before a Joint Session of Congress.

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to your response.

You know, I just bet that Speaker Boehner does.  Not that Barack Obama dares respond as he would like to; which is to say, with a blistering oath or two. Continue reading Speaker Boehner extends State of the Union invitation to President.

“Blame Bush,” RIP: 2001-2010.

It was a good run for the Democrats, but all things must come to an end some day.  I know, I know: it’s downright horrible for the American people to start expecting the political party that’s held Congress since 2006 and the White House since 2008 to actually take personal responsibility for the bad things happening to the economy.   But the Democrats will have to live with it, as the American people have started to assign more responsibility to Obama for the current economy than to Bush – at least, the Republican and Independent sections of the American people have, which is really the important thing these days.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 48% of Likely U.S. Voters now think Obama’s policies are to blame for the continuing bad economy, up three points from last month. Forty-seven percent (47%) say the recession that began under Bush is at fault.

There are, of course, many hidden victims here of this betrayal of the Democratic party by the people of the United States.  No, really.  I mean, think of all of those soon-to-be Democratic former Congressmen who have to hope that the lobbying industry can handle the sudden influx of new glad-handlers, parasites, and influence-peddlers that comes from a Congressional readjustment!  For that matter, think of those poor, poor staffers who next January will be facing the specter of having no job and no prospect of getting one – and in one of the more expensive metropolitan areas, to boot.  Some of them may even have to move back in with their parents.

The horror. Continue reading “Blame Bush,” RIP: 2001-2010.

Yeah, Democrats: you know that $13 million war chest of Bayh’s?

The one he’s not going to be needing anymore?

Somehow I suspect that not much of it is going to find its way to the DSCC.

Via Hot Air.

Moe Lane

“That would be one more than Congress has created in the last six months.” Wow, thanks! That’s going to be great for our campaign ads this fall, Senator. We can pretty much use that one everywhere.

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