Finished up HAWKEYE today.

Chewing through all the MCU stuff I haven’t seen yet, because tomorrow or Sunday is gonna be DOCTOR STRANGE. After this, I watch ETERNALS tonight, which should catch me up completely. Probably unnecessary, but what the heck. I should relax sometimes.

Anyway, HAWKEYE was fun. I worried going in that Kate Bishop would be written as this god-tier replacement who would show Clint Barton how it’s really done, but instead we got a buddy cop series. Or ‘buddy secret agent’ series, maybe? Anyway, Clint doesn’t need to be taught the power of friendship, because he’s well aware how powerful it is; so powerful, in fact, that it’s left a few pieces behind in his soul. And Kate is commendably bandaged and rumpled by the end of the series; perfect, she is not.

All in all, HAWKEYE is a fun series that reminds itself on a regular basis that, geez, it’s Christmas. I should have finished it earlier.


Just watched the first episode of HAWKEYE (It’s good!).

No, really. I was worried that Kate Bishop would be this already perfect superheroine in every possible way, Clint Barton would be this washed-up old guy who nobody remembers, and him ‘helping’ her would be the only way he could rekindle his heroism. That is… pretty much not what is happening, so far*. Instead, we’re getting a fairly demented, but so far entertaining, Christmas story. I am down for this.

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The Demented Christmas Special second HAWKEYE Disney+ trailer.

I’m not gonna lie: this is growing on me. Actually, I was already gonna see HAWKEYE. But I’m grooving to this vibe:

Barton is fairly clearly feeling far too old for this sh*t, and Bishop isn’t quite able to cash the checks that her ego is writing; or, at least, not yet. I can sustain interest in the ensuing wacky hijinks for six episodes, methinks.

The Demented HAWKEYE Christmas Disney+ trailer.

My attention… has been acquired.

GeekTyrant detected a Die Hard vibe: I can see that, but there’s also a Lethal Weapon theme going on here, because Hawkeye is visibly deciding that he’s getting Too Old For This Sh*t. I also give points for there being a Broadway musical about Captain America in the MCU, because of course there would be one. They missed a bet there, though, in not getting Chris Evans to play the actor playing Cap in the musical. Farce is its own justification.

Moe Lane

PS: Kate Bishop apparently isn’t coming into this already being perfect in every way, which is nice. “Cocky 22 year old hotshot who still needs seasoning” is a perfectly cromulent archetype for a superheroine.

So, they’re gonna do a Hawkeye series on Disney+.

This works for me.

It’s from the comics and everything, and Marvel has gotten pretty good at panning for gold there, so I am cautiously optimistic. I’m also subscribing to Disney+ anyway, so there’s that. I know I’m going to end up watching this whether I was optimistic or not.

The people who play Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch will do a movie together!

…Which is, bizarrely, not going to be a movie about Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch.

The Weinstein Company (TWC) announced today that they acquired U.S. rights to the upcoming Wind River. The project is directed by Sicario screenwriter Taylor Sheridan and marks his directorial debut and stars two-time Academy Award nominee Jeremy Renner (American Hustle, The Hurt Locker) along with  Elizabeth Olsen (Avengers).

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