Two days left on the Hillfolk Bundle of Holding.

I’m not getting HILLFOLK because I backed the Kickstarter, way back when. Basically, the game is for roleplaying interpersonal conflict in a particular group of people; it is redeemed from being tiresome by the fact that Robin Laws is a no-fooling genius when it comes to game design. If you’re looking for something new — well, it’s a Bundle of Holding, so you can pick up a lot of PDFs on the cheap.

The Hillfolk Bundle of Holding is a nice deal.

I already have the books in hardcover – all hail the mighty Kickstarter – but Hillfolk is one of those game systems that can be valuable to a GM even if you don’t actually play it, so by all means: grab it from Bundle of Holding.  Robin Laws consistently comes up with gaming innovations that are both interesting, and entertaining to play.  …This is not all that common, alas.

And he’s right: it’s being offered an absurdly low price.

Moe Lane

PS: The Bundle of Lamentations (Lamentations of the Flame Princess, to be precise), on the other hand, is something I know nothing of.

Pelgrane Press is doing a ‘RPG Geek DramaSystem’ contest.

Via @ShadowHexagram comes this contest news:

Have you ever wished you could write your own Series Pitch or show one you’ve never dared post anywhere on the internet? Then the RPG Geek DramaSystem Contest is exactly what you need.

Make up a Series Pitch like the ones you can find in Robin D. Laws‘s Hillfolk, Blood on the Snow or Series Pitch of the Month, and send it to shadow_hexagram [at] hotmail [dot] fr (it’s fr, not com) before April 13, 2015 11:50pm GMT (London time).

I’m  gonna do this, I think. No money in it, but store credit, and I need the practice. Besides, it’d be fun.

Getting back up to speed on the posting.

In the meantime, check out this week’s Bundle of Holding. It’s all about Hillfolk, which is all about using interpersonal drama as the primary focus of a roleplaying campaign. If that sounds dull, consider that what I described is pretty much par for the course for all dramatic television series, ever.

Well… not all dramatic television series. But a lot of them. Anyway, I own the rulebooks in hardcover, which should say something.

@RobinDLaws and #Hillfolk win Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming.

Very cool.

Well-done, and well-deserved: Hillfolk is one of the most innovative RPGs I’ve seen in a while.  Robin Laws is consistently associated with projects that introduce new concepts and paradigms in roleplaying games while, and this is important, are still fun to play.  You have no idea how refreshing that can be.


Moe Lane

Walp. Guess I’m going to take advantage of that GUMSHOE OGL thing, then.

(Stands for ‘Open Game License.’)

Since the Hillfolk Kickstarter is now funded at 50K, Robin Laws will presumably be releasing the game system for public use.

Which means that I have a personal side project to work on, now. Heh. I haven’t done amateur gameworld design in years, thanks to various things; this should be interesting.

An exciting (and challenging) stretch goal in @RobinDLaw’s Hillfolk Kickstarter.

Hillfolk is a roleplaying system from Robin D. Laws that emphasizes inter-party relationships and dynamics in a tabletop RPG setting; which is to say, it’s a game that encourages the players to play off of each other’s characters, instead of genially tolerating occasions where that happens instead of, say, attacking the orc stronghold*.  It’s well-loved (my wife raves about it, and more or less told me to kick into the KS without me having to hint at all) by the people who know about it, and is currently having the small problem that the book is getting fatter and fatter with all the stretch goals for added material being met.

So Robin announced this:

LOCKED: $50,000: GUMSHOE OPEN LICENSE: We will release GUMSHOE, Robin’s previous game engine for Pelgrane, under an open license with its own GUMSHOE-compatible trademark for products in the English language. Robin will create a stripped-down system reference version of GUMSHOE to support the license.

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New Kickstarter: Hillfolk. [UPDATED, with extra wife-awesomeness]

Don’t know if I’m going to be able to get into this one – there are such things as budgets, and the well is not so much dry as it has been subjected to a dessication process – but it looks interesting, particularly the alternative settings. Plus, I know of (or even know) a bunch of the people writing for it.

So, check it out.

[UPDATE]: Or my wife can say, when I mentioned this post, “Ow, wow, are you going to Kickstarter Hillfolk?!?” and then spend five minutes raving about how using Robin Law’s concepts brought a whole new level of complexity and awesomeness to a one-shot that she was in. Which means that this now can go under House expenses, not personal ones. Hee.