Tweet of the Day, Hooters Brings The Awesome Down On Bob Filner’s Creepy Head edition.

They refuse to serve Bob Filner.

The funny thing is, I’ve been in a Hooters precisely once in my life; I got nothing against the chain, but I’m both happily married and long out of practice at leering. At this point in my life trajectory I just want the beer and the various fried items and the chance to read my book in peace and quiet and you’ll understand when you’re my age.

I think that I’m confusing…

…the staff of Hooters, here: I’m pretty much ensconced at a table, it’s clearly my first time at this chain, and yet I’m more or less ignoring my surroundings. What I’m actually doing, of course, is hiding from my kids: the babysitter has them, which means this is my first time off in a week. So… a beer, a bunch of wings, and a blessed, blessed lack of situational awareness.

Which is just as well: I’m pretty sure that I’m old enough to be some of these girls’ father.

Moe Lane

PS: These breaded fried pickle things are pretty good.