The HPL Historical Society fundraiser was successful! …Also, their account was hacked and @TwitterSupport is being useless.

Oh, hi, Twitter Support! Note that your website is still calling mine dangerous. Why are you doing that? How the heck do you expect to keep getting away with this level of not-talking-to-people when you finally monetize your subscribers? Is this really what y’all wanted to do with your lives?

…Anyway: the HPL Historical Society had a fundraiser to help buy up a bunch of Lovecraft’s letters and donate them to Brown University’s existing HPL collection. They have succeeded. This, at least, is good news.


Short version: there’s a bunch of correspondence between HP Lovecraft and Frank Belknap Long that’s for sale by a private collector. The HPL Historical Society, among others, naturally takes the position that this belongs in a museum; and so they’re trying to put up twenty grand to help buy the correspondence and donate it to Brown University’s existing Lovecraft collection of letters. Here’s the link to help contribute to that.

I have not ‘gotten over’ what happened to Pluto.

It’s a planet, dammit. Just like Eris is a planet, and apparently 2007 OR10 is a planet. Although God knows what we’re going to call that last one.  I’d vote for ‘Yuggoth,’ if only to really confuse people two hundred years from now. Anyway, it’s funny how this ‘dwarf planet’ thing still rankles people. The scientific community didn’t handle this issue well, huh?

Speaking of Yuggoth… apparently HP Lovecraft may have thought that Pluto had the mass of Earth, because that’s what science was telling him at the time when Lovecraft was writing “The Whisperer in Darkness.”  And, speaking of The Whisperer in Darkness… if you haven’t seen the HPL Historical Society’s film version of that story, you really should: it’s quite good. And, speaking of the HPLHS, they seem to be off that weird half-hiatus of theirs and are now producing creative material again HELP HELP I CANNOT STOP THIS INFINITE REFERENCING