In the mail: @HPLHS Swag!

Specifically, the Dark Adventure Radio Theater prop binder and a Miskatonic University T-Shirt. Oddly, I don’t really have any Miskatonic U stuff. Which is weird, honestly. The binder’s because they’ve switched over to a model where they send you a CD sleeve with the DART itself, plus all the props that they put into a DART, and put that all in a binder sheet. And I needed the prop binder because my DARTS are out of control. Once I get paper CD sleeves for the radio plays themselves, the consolidation of my DART collection will be a wonder to behold.

‘Music of Dark Adventure.’

I may pick this up, if I get Christmas money that can be translated into HPLHS. Basically, the HPL Historical Society collected all of the orchestral music they use for their Dark Adventure Radio Theater shows and is now offering them in an album. I like it! If I ran a Call of Cthulhu game, I wouldn’t be waiting to pick it up.

In the email: The @HPLHS’s THE CURSE OF YIG DART.

It’s still technically still on preorder, but the HPL Historical Society decided to drop the MP3 for Halloween for everybody who preordered. Happy Halloween to me! I’m listening to it now.

Moe Lane

PS: Entertainingly, the free short story from my TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION Kickstarter is ‘A Bargain With Yig.’ Only in mine, he’s… well, why not read the story?

In the e-Mail: the @HPLHS Imprisoned with the Pharaohs DART.

I think that IMPRISONED WITH THE PHARAOHS is the last Dark Adventure Radio Theater that I need to get, besides of course for the Masks of Nyarlathotep special DART. It’s been a long time coming, really. I cannot recommend the HPL Historical Society store enough, by the way: if you’re at all into this stuff, they invariably offer high-quality merchandise, for every budget. Check ’em out.

In the e-Mail: download of @HPLHS’s THE WHISPERER IN DARKNESS DART.

The HPL Historical Society knows darn well that we’re all waiting for the actual WHISPERER IN DARKNESS CD*. So, since they have the digital files already, why not send those along to the pre-orderers? And that’s why I’m a card-carrying member of the HPL Historical Society. In fact, I need to re-up my membership.

Moe Lane

*We buy the CD version of the Dark Adventure Radio Theater for the props. The perfectly TTRPG game-friendly props. The HPLHS knows what we like.



Don’t confuse this with the HPL Historical society movie called THE WHISPERER IN DARKNESS: this is going to be a radio play, not a remix of the audio tracks from the film. Which also means that it’s likely to be closer to the original text than the film was – which is not a criticism of the movie. It’s a rare short story that can be turned into a full-length motion picture without adding something.


The HPL Historical Society had it on sale, so I finally picked up the DARK ADVENTURE RADIO THEATRE – HERBERT WEST: REANIMATOR CD. As usual, the MP3 got sent to me first. I have high hopes for this one: the very things that kind of make it, ah, not HPL’s best written story shouldn’t at all get in the way of the radio play. There’s a reason why directors keep making film versions of this story; it adapts well*.

Moe Lane

*Theoretically. Some of the film versions of this story are… uneven.

@HPLHS offering *20% off* on Dark Adventure Radio Theater episodes!

This is an eldritch good deal, folks. I grabbed HERBERT WEST – REANIMATOR right away, when I saw this. ‘Course, I’m kind of out of other DARTs to buy at this point, but isn’t that sort of an endorsement right there?


I’m running out of DARTs to buy! Which is kind of alarming. On the other hand, I’m holding out for HERBERT WEST – REANIMATOR. The story itself is a little clunky sometimes, but I have high hopes for the radio play adaptation, as those clunky bits will likely dissolve utterly when actually dramatized with sound and everything. Again, here’s hoping.

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