BREAKING: Hugo Chavez is still dead.

…Yeah, well, he didn’t like me much, either.  Or, more accurately, he didn’t like people like me at all, at all.

Personally, I hope that he made a good Confession and contrition of sins at the end, there – but I’m not losing sleep over the possibility that he didn’t, and that’s pretty much the end of it.  Hugo Chavez was, at the last, just another South American strongman who never quite openly jettisoned democracy and rule of law: he was Vladimir Putin without the charm.

Nothing special, in other words.

Hugo Chavez either is, or is not, dead.

Either way, my response is going to be… a shrug.  Just another as-close-to-Commie-as-he-dares strongman thug – which, frankly, was and is a lot less than Chavez’s fan club either thinks or thought.  I’m being a little temporally vague there because as soon as Chavez is actually dead he’ll rapidly be abandoned as an inspirational figure by guilty norteamericano liberals and supplanted by whatever as-close-to-Commie-as-he-dares strongman thug takes his place.  They come, they go, and weep for Latin America, which never seems to catch a break on this for too long.

So, Hugo Chavez is in the hospital?

Lots of speculation as to why, up to and including prostate cancer.  Cancer’s a horrible way to go, of course, but what nobody’s apparently noting is that the reason that Chavez still in the hospital is almost certainly because it’s a Cuban one.  Propagandists like Michael Moore to the contrary, Commies tend to suck at anything that doesn’t involve turning large numbers of living peasants into dead ones.

Yes, yes, yes, they have the best health care ever.  That’s why they have all of those guards; it’s to keep people from sneaking into Cuba in order to get their gallbladders removed*.

Moe Lane

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*Give me the resources of a country and a reasonable cut of the proceeds and I can create a functional medical tourism system that caters to the Third World, too.  Particularly if malpractice suits aren’t an issue.

‘Hey, hey / Ho, ho / Delahunt / Has got to go!’ #rsrh

Actually… has anybody ever shouting a variant of that ever accomplished anything?  Probably not.  But I couldn’t resist.

US Representative William Delahunt said yesterday that he is considering retiring from his congressional seat representing the South Shore and Cape Cod, although he portrayed his deliberations as routine and said they are not related to challenges from Republicans who are energized by Scott Brown’s upset victory in last month’s special Senate election.

(H/T: Instapundit) In other words: start the clock.  I’m calling Friday night at 6 PM.

Moe Lane

PS: Actually, no, it isn’t all about Scott Brown.  It’s about Scott Brown, Ted Kennedy, Amy Bishop, Hugo Chavez… and most importantly, William Delahunt, who apparently isn’t really used to actually having to work for his re-elections.

The poor fellow.

By the way, they just had a coup in Honduras.

Via Fausta’s Blog:

Soldiers arrest Honduran president: AP+

MECIXO CITY, June 28 (AP) – (Kyodo)—Soldiers on Sunday arrested the Honduran president and took him to an air force base just before voting was to begin on a disputed constitutional election, according to the Associated Press.

President Manuel Zelaya’s private secretary told the AP that Zelaya was arrested and brought to a base on the outskirts of the capital, Tegucigalpa.


Zelaya had pledged to go forward with a referendum on constitutional reform despite the opposition of the Supreme Court, the military, Congress and members of his own party.

Fausta has background here: if you don’t have time to read it, note that proto-dictator Hugo Chavez (and whoever’s channeling Fidel Castro this week) is spitting nails on this. Given that, as the Wall Street Journal notes, this entire thing got started over President Zelaya’s attempt to set up a referendum* in opposition to pretty much the opposition of the rest of the Honduran government, civilian and military… well.  A man is known by his friends, and I wish I knew what the equivalent Spanish idiom is.

Moe Lane

*One that would allow him to run for re-election.  The Honduras Constitution forbids that; given of what I know of South American history, this isn’t exactly surprising.

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Fausta’s depressing Venezuela election roundup.

I say depressing because, well, it is: there’s something aggravating about knowing that we could stop Hugo Chavez from sending his country over the Marxist edge, but we’re not going to. I felt the same way under the last administration, too.

And before you start lecturing me about Yanqui imperialism, I’d like to remind you that it’s been a darn sight less genocidal than Communist imperialism. The only thing that Marxism has ever shown any genius in is in the turning of large numbers of live peasants into dead ones.

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