About half a day left on the CYBERPUNK 2020 Humble RPG Book Bundle.

Humble is offering a good deal for the money, although there’s a reason why the video game is CYBERPUNK 2077 instead of CYBERPUNK 2020. The game got dated really quickly, starting with the assumption that the Soviet Union would somehow survive and going on from there. Flipping through the various texts, I was also struck at how much better the real 2020’s environment is when compared to what 1989 thought 2020’s environment would be like. Important safety tip, kids: date your future histories so that the main events will happen after you likely die. It avoids a lot of awkwardness later.

Still, check it out.

The Cyberpunk 2020 Humble Bundle.

Although Humble Bundle’s not quite calling it Cyberpunk 2020, mostly because it is 2020 and – contrary to popular opinion – things aren’t actually as bad here on planet Earth as was predicted. You get used to that real quick when you have an interest in dystopian fiction. Compared to what we were told things would be like, things are actually pretty good. And yeah, that’s even when you factor in the coronavirus.

Anyway: $15 gets you a lot of classic RPG material. Just in time for the actual video game RPG, too. Check it out!

The 3D Printable Dungeons & Cities Humble Bundle.

I don’t do 3D printing, because I don’t have the space to do 3D printing. But the 3D Printable Dungeons & Cities Humble Bundle looks like a rather good deal: a bunch of 3D mini recipes for RPGs and whatnot, starting at a buck and going all the way to lots for fifteen bucks. Plus, it’s for the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society charity, which looks pretty solid.

At least worth a look, methinks.

Bloom County collection at Humble Bundle.

Fifteen bucks gets you all the old Bloom County collections, the Outland stuff, the Opus stuff, and the new Bloom County stuff.  I mean: you do know that Berkeley Breathed is regularly drawing Bloom County again, right?  I can’t believe that I wouldn’t have mentioned it.

Moe Lane

PS: I’d like to be able to say that maybe the evidence suggests that Bill Watterson is maybe thinking about coming back, but that’d be wishful thinking. Or wistful thinking. Phrase works either way.

Hey! Vampire: the Masquerade is now on Humble Bundle! Cheap, too.

Via Twitter comes this nice bit of news:

Direct link here. Nice to have those in electronic form, although I wouldn’t mind it if it had been the Mage: The Ascension stuff instead. Also: it’s nice that Humble Bundle is branching out into RPGs. Between them and Bundle of Holding they should keep my electronic gaming library nice and full…