Turnout low in IL-05.

This has been noticed by both Ace and Geraghty (and again, here): turnout’s low in IL-05.  How low?  Rahm Emanuel forgot to vote.  I am not writing this to offer false hope: it’s an incredibly tough district for us to win, and Rosanna Pulido hasn’t exactly gotten her party behind her.  But, oddly enough, neither has Mike Quigley.  He’s heavily favored to win, but he’s gotten virtually no support  – which is odd; you’d think that the Democrats wouldn’t turn their nose up at hyping an easy win, particularly since they’re either 0-for-3 or 0-for-4, depending on how you think NY-20’s going right now.  But this one is being pretty much left up to the candidates.

If I had to guess, I don’t think that establishment Democrats want to lose the seat, per se: they just don’t think that making sure that they don’t lose it is worth the effort.  After all, Emanuel’s going to want to go back to the House some day.  Quigley in that seat will be harder to dislodge than a GOP interloper.

I guess that we’ll see tonight.  In the meantime, if you live in IL-05, go vote.  Either way, you’re probably going to tick off the Illinois Democratic party.

Moe Lane

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Appeals to the grassroots: NY-20, IL-05.

NY-20: The recount for this race – which is actually at plus 25 right now, not plus 57 – is going to be expensive. There’s a new pledge drive up to pay for that recount, in the same style as the one that gathered over 120K for Jim Tedisco: I encourage people to help out there, or where they can. It’s already at 9K (the target number is 40K), which tells you that there are people out there who share your concerns about the potential for abuse of the recount – to say nothing of the absentee ballot count. We’re in a good place to take a seat away from the Democrats, here; one that progressives are annoyed to have had to fund (military-hating opponents of the death penalty for terrorists are ‘centrist’ to that sort, you see). Think of it as a civic obligation.

IL-05: On a more ideological/idealistic level, though, it doesn’t get any better than Rosanna Pulido‘s campaign. As the below video shows, she’s fighting in a heavily-Democratic district against a guy with the full support of the state Democratic party apparatus, with no equivalent support from her own party… Continue reading Appeals to the grassroots: NY-20, IL-05.

The latest New York Times did yet another story on Steele…

…only this time it had a very welcome sentence in it.

Mr. Steele declined a request for an interview.

Dan Riehl caught this first, and I concur: there are times when you pick yourself up, walk it off, and get back to work – and Steele’s gotten to that point. Yes, the media doesn’t love the GOP, except as a punching bag. And yes, the media loves to see Red-on-Red fights, the latest of which has spent far too much time occupying people’s brains than it should have for the last two weeks. And yes, there are ongoing philosophical issues between the various factions of the GOP that are causing all sorts of dynamic tension / impending meltdown / what have you.

Meanwhile, there’s a race going on up in NY-20. Is that less important to you than whether Steele’s sufficiently pro-life? If it isn’t, Tedisco can always use the help. There’s also a race going on over in IL-05. Are you looking for a better hill to fight and maybe die on than whether or not Rush is going to doom the GOP? If you are, Pulido wants to hear from you. Virginia and New Jersey are having elections for governor this year. Are you tired of the debate over who should be the next Presidential candidate? Then the NJ GOP and the VA GOP would be happy to redirect your interests to something a bit more topical.

I could go on, but hopefully you get the point. There is business that must be attended to, and at this point we are merely amusing the Other Side.

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Real estate shenanigans and the Democratic Party.

Rep. Alan Mollohan (D, WV-01) is merely the latest on the list.

Reading Brian Faughnan’s piece about Rep Alan Mollohan’s (D, WV-01) steering earmarks to his landlord while receiving free rent reminded me, of course, of Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel’s (D, formerly IL-05) steering lucrative polling contracts to his landlord while receiving free rent. And now I’ve been reminded by fellow RS Contributor Mark I that Senator Bob Menendez (D, NJ) notoriously steered earmarks the way of – and greased the path of federal funding for – a tenant of his when he was both a landlord and a Congressman. There’s apparently money in real estate shenanigans: I’m starting to wonder whether the House orientation session for freshmen Democrats includes a quick rundown on the topic. Continue reading Real estate shenanigans and the Democratic Party.

Another roundup of IL-05 primary results.

From Chicago News Bench, and I think that this local blogger will be covering the actual race pretty closely. He doesn’t like Quigley much already, partially because the guy’s apparently a trained seal for John Stroger (video autoloads at link) and partially because Quigley treats Twitter as yet another opportunity for campaign spam, so you may enjoy following this race via that portal.

Moving along, from the other side check out this and this post by Feigenholtz supporter Jesse Greenberg, which raises the interesting question of how somebody can run “against” a typically corrupt Democratic machine politician after endorsing the guy’s son in 2006 (including lending him staff), and voting for a budget that aided the politician’s cronies at the expense of regular workers’ jobs. Well, we all know the reason: it’s Chicago. Still, it’s an interesting question, albeit now one that won’t be addressed by the Online Left.


Moe Lane

PS: Yes, yes, Rosanna Pulido’s running in a district that went 3 to 1 for Obama. And?

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Results for the IL-05 primaries: Pulido, Quigley, some Green.

The general election is in April, but the majority of reporting is assuming that the winner of the Democratic Party is a shoo-in for the general election. So noted.

Moving along, on the Republican side anti-illegal immigration activist and Minuteman member Rosanna Pulido has won the nomination. Speaking as a pro-“amnesty” anti-immigration squishy-soft moderate, I sincerely congratulate her on her victory and wholeheartedly endorse her in the general election; she’s going into this swinging, and her presence at the Chicago Tea Party is something that more and more conservative candidates and officials need to start doing.

On the Democratic side, Mike Quigley is the Democratic candidate. Running on a strict reputation for reform, Quigley defeated SEIU shill Sara Feigenholtz and Illinois Combine pick John Fritchey. Suggestions that his candidacy was linked to Rod Blagojevich’s old organization via Billy Weinberg and Doug Scofield were, of course, dismissed immediately by the candidate. I congratulate SEIU and the Daley Machine on their loss, and thank them for all the money that they wasted in pursuing it.

On the Green side… eh. Progressives. Nobody really cares. I don’t know why they bothered; they’re all going to vote for the Democrat anyway.

Moe Lane

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