#rsrh Two AZ anti-1070 drives abandoned.

Apparently, with a bit of pique involved:

The two proposed referendum drives challenging Arizona’s new sweeping law targeting illegal immigration are being abandoned, organizers said Monday. Andrew Chavez, a professional petition circulator involved in one of the efforts, said its backers pulled the plug after concluding they might not be able to time their petition filings in such a way as to put the law on hold pending a 2012 public vote.

Jon Garrido, the chief organizer of the other drive, attributed its end to a belief that the law would have been subject to legal protections under Arizona’s Constitution if approved by Arizona voters.

(Via Hot Air Headlines) Put more simply: the first one was abandoned when people realized that they couldn’t game the system sufficiently to shut the law down until it got re-ratified in 2012, and the second was abandoned because losing might interfere with the drive to get Arizona’s court system to declare that Arizona’s adoption of federal immigration law requirements was a violation of the Arizona constitution. No, you’re not the only one who finds that reasoning of theirs to be fairly incoherent.  Give them a break: they don’t want to say that the Arizona legislation polls well… actually, no.  Don’t give them – or the Democrats supporting them – a break on this; after all, they’re pretty explicitly calling the majority of the population dirty racists for wanting illegal immigration gotten under control.

It seems only fair that they deal with the consequences of their rhetoric.

‘Mayor quits job for gay illegal immigrant he loves.’


As God is my witness, that’s the title of the article (Via The Sundries Shack, via RS McCain). After you’re done laughing, though, note why he quit before taking the oath of office: “[Former Mayor] Lown told the Standard-Times he chose not to take the oath of office while “aiding and assisting” a person who was illegally in the country.” That’s why he’s currently in Mexico; Lown’s trying to get a new visa for his partner, and won’t come back until then.

Assuming that the article is correct, you have to admit that this shows some basic respect for the concept of secure borders.

Moe Lane

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