‘Wanna-B-Listers.’ I dunno: does it SING?

It’s kind of obscure, as it references my theory of the Left Blogosphere’s Hierarchy. Which, in case you were wondering, goes like this: there are three levels to the Left-side of the ‘sphere.

  • A-List.  About three to seven blogs and sites.  Ostensibly (and ostentatiously) progressive; very, very whitebread; not… precisely in it for the advertising, but they think three times before they burn a bridge with a major revenue source.  Effectively house organs for the Democratic party.
  • B-List.  About twenty to forty blogs and sites.  Radically progressive; invariably specialized in one particular type.  Survives by being reliable source of non-whitebread material for the A-List.  Most likely to whine about advertising.
  • C-List.  Everybody else.  Rabidly progressive; desperate to join the upper Lists; apparently laboring under the delusion that the best way to do that is to pick fights with the Right.  Most likely to be bitterly resentful at the lack of advertising.

…at least, that’s how it looks from my (admittedly, outsider’s) point of view.  Personally, I don’t know what’s more pathetic: sucking up to the Democratic party elite, or sucking up to the people who suck up to the Democratic party elite* – but nobody asked me, right?  Anyway, that’s the rationale behind the sneer… and it’s not very nice, is it?  It’s not very nice.

OK, so I won’t use it.  Fine.  Be like that.

Moe Lane

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Inside blogpoll post, 5/31/2011 edition.

OK, I’ll be honest: the major reason why I’m posting these buckets of cold water regarding the relative popularity of the Daily Caller to ThinkProgress (short version: TP gets about half of the traffic of DC, and acts like it gets twice)  is because I have the tabs still up and content is content.  You may be forgiven for thinking this irrelevant, in other words.  Lord knows that ThinkProgress largely is*.

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I’ve decided not to pile on.

I had a post here that was piling on a guy – but I hadn’t hit publish, yet, and at this point it’d just be cruelty to add my name to the list.  I got no personal animosity to express, here: admittedly, neither do a lot of the other right-blogosphere opinion drivers that are going to rake said guy over the coals for his associations.

I will say this to the guy, though: somebody you trust set you up, dude.  Because if you ain’t a Democrat, progressive, and/or liberal, the ones who are and are online hate your guts and want you to die in a fire.  And if you get fired over this, they’ll raise a drink in private triumph right after they tell you that it was a real shame, what happened to you.

Just saying, man.

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