Wall Street insider trading over #obamacare?

Could be, could be: “Wall Street investors hungry for advance information on upcoming federal health-care decisions repeatedly held private discussions with Obama administration officials, including a top White House adviser helping to implement the Affordable Care Act.”  Mind you, the Obama administration pinky-swears that noting bad happened:

There is no evidence that the private discussions with the two administration officials about health-care decisions provided investors with confidential agency information or that the investors made trades based on what they learned.

But this sort of intelligence gathering has been drawing attention from lawmakers and federal investigators who are looking at whether some traders are gaining access to information that is not available to investors in general or the wider public.

So I guess it depends on whether you trust the Obama administration or not.  And, really, who among us has any reason not to? …except for conservatives, Republicans, reporters, State Department staffers, pot legalization activists, BATFE field agents, Border Patrol agents, or Mexican nationals, of course…