The Democratic hypocrisy of DeLauro & Greenberg.

Rosa DeLauro: Connecticut Democratic Congresswoman.  Married to Stanley Greenberg, Democratic strategist and former Clinton adviser.  Both credibly linked to the biotech megacorporation Monsanto – I mention this not because I care, but it never hurts to remind the netroots that they’re brazen hypocrites when it comes to their supposed opposition to GM foods – and former landlords to then-DCCC chair (and current Chicago mayor) Rahm Emanuel.  Although ‘landlord’ should really apply to people who charge rent to their tenants, I suppose – particularly when the tenant had the ability to steer fat contracts to the landlord’s polling firm.  Ach, well, we’ll save that investigation for 2013.  It’ll give Issa something to do after he finishes burning out the rot in the Justice Department.

But I digress. Continue reading The Democratic hypocrisy of DeLauro & Greenberg.

#rsrh Chris Christie: “Get the h*ll off the beach.”

Yes.  This is good advice.

Let me tell you: there’s nothing like hearing the Governor of New Jersey tell people who live one town over from your widowed mother (living six blocks from the ocean) to stand not on the order of their coming, but go at once.  Gives you a certain urgency to the day.