Irish grandmother gets away with cocaine possession at bingo hall.

Ah, the Irish.  Which, might I add, is where my own majestic and superior DNA comes from as well.  So I get to roll my eyes at this, at least:

Helen Heaphy’s number came up at the bingo hall. The prize was a trip to court.

The 50-year-old grandmother pleaded guilty Wednesday to two counts of possessing cocaine for sale or supply after Irish police caught her with the narcotic outside a Cork bingo hall.

It’s not that she got arrested; it’s that the Irish legal system allowed her off with a fine despite her rap sheet.  Hell, they let her back in the bingo hall.  Truly, the ways of my family’s ancestral people must be strange and confusing to the outsider…

Via Drudge.

So THAT’S why polar bears are grumpy.

Obvious, really:

Polar bear origins: Polar bears have Irish ancestry, suggests DNA study

No whiskey in the Arctic Circle.

Moe Lane

PS: …Hey, I’m 15/16th Boston Irish Catholic, buddy.  I’m allowed to make stereotypical jokes about drunken Irishmen. :shrug: Besides, it’s God’s own truth that the Irish do get cranky without their whiskey.  And beer.  And… well, what do you have handy, anyway?