IT: CHAPTER 2 promises 2:45 run-time.

Oh, boy: “Speaking to Digital Spy, director Andy Muschietti confirmed the film is currently coming in at 2 hours and 45 minutes, a solid half-hour longer than its 2017 predecessor.” It’s not that I object to spending two hours and forty five minutes to watch IT: CHAPTER 2. It’s that I object to the loss of the intermission as a common cinema courtesy. And this isn’t the first time the new trend for longer films has been a complication, either; when AVENGERS: ENDGAME’s run-time got revealed, I more or less had to plan out my bathroom breaks extremely carefully, and ahead of time. If they’d just give us a five minute break in the middle…

Look, I refuse to apologize for this. I’m almost fifty. I’m allowed to have a bladder that’s getting along in years, too.

Some details about what’s going to be in Part 2 of It.

Apparently they’re going to take a stab at the Ritual of Chud, which Cinemablend plausibly calls “The Weirdest Element From The Book” (‘plausibly’ because there’s a metric butt-ton of FWS* in the book version of It, and I haven’t read the book recently).  For those unfamiliar with the book, it’s more or less a magical ritual influenced by what’s politely called ‘indigenous’ practices these days (unless the term of art has changed), only the person who came up with it doesn’t actually have any real tradition in mind and is in the process of writing one of the best horror books of the 20th Century that involves kids.  As I recall, the miniseries didn’t even goram try to put the Ritual of Chud up on the screen**. Continue reading Some details about what’s going to be in Part 2 of It.

As God is my witness, I plan to go watch “It” tomorrow.

If I don’t see it tomorrow, I won’t get a chance until next week.  Besides: third time’s the charm, right?  I mean, technically I could have not actually gotten my new phone Wednesday, and maybe I could have rushed to the theater today and left my newly-fixed computer in the car, but either way it seemed more grownup to not try to force my schedule to conform. But tomorrow is free and clear, so I can go see It.  Surely this will be possible.


Moe Lane

PS: Yes, I’m quite keen to see what happens tomorrow, too.  I’m worried that it’s going to be a meteor strike, or something. Not that a meteor strike wouldn’t be cool, but I’d rather that I not endanger others in all of this.

Gonna go see “It” tomorrow.

Was half-thinking about seeing it tonight, but I got very little sleep last night and I probably should get some more before I drive anywhere.  You know how that goes.  Anyway, I hear that It is excellent, which is nice; Stephen King movies can be a little hit or miss sometimes.

I do wonder who they’re going to cast for the adults in the sequel — and since the movie had a 120-125 million dollar opening weekend, it’s going to get a sequel — and whether they’re going to be well-known or not.  I’ve been reading arguments either way on this today, and I don’t know which I prefer, either. Although I wish that we had had the foresight to stick Harry Anderson in a cryogenic vault so that he could reprise his Richie Tozier role.  Shoot, it might have even worked out better for Anderson that way.

Some clips from the upcoming “IT” movie.

I rather badly want this movie to not suck. I mean, I REALLY want this movie not to suck. IT is maybe the best Stephen King book I’ve ever read.

But it could suck.  And that’s what worries me.  The casting looks good, but the entire first movie is literally about children being menaced and threatened, which is pretty raw stuff for modern audiences (even if they take out That Scene From The Book).  But if the movie hesitates on putting those kids through the wringer, it’s going to suck.  Horribly.

Please God, don’t let it suck.