In the e-mail: Rendezvous with Corsair: A Lost Fleet Collection.

Rendezvous with Corsair: A Lost Fleet Collection (The Lost Fleet) is an odd mix of a novella about Black Jack Geary’s great-great-[more greats]-nephew Michael; a couple of stories about Black Jack himself; and a couple more framing stories about the war between the Alliance and the Syndics. It’s not exactly introductory material, is what I’m saying.

It’s all good stuff, mind you. But the collection does assume you’ve already read both the Lost Fleet and Lost Fleet: Outlands series.

So, you know. Like, go do that.


In the e-mail: Yet *another* goddamned spectacular Jack Campbell novel.

He’s doing it at this point simply to taunt me, I’m telling you. That damned Jack Campbell and that damned Black Jack Geary and his precious Lost Fleet, always making it look effortless. Making me pay fifteen bucks to get the book right away, too. Just to rub it in.

[Implacable (The Lost Fleet: Outlands)]