There’s a Jane Austen MMO (@naominovik, call your agent)…

…and Ever, Jane looks like it does what Austen readers want it to:

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Book of the Week: Northanger Abbey.

I am starting to feel that the single most egregious thing that was done to me in college was to omit explaining just how entertaining Jane Austen was as a writer. I mean, sheesh, it turns out that Northanger Abbey is a meta-fiction parody that snarks out on the excesses of the genre fiction of the day… and written by somebody who was good at said genre, too.  I would have happily read that.  Shoot: if Jane Austen was around today I’d probably be signed up for her Patreon and her Twitter feed. She’d certainly be writing books in the genres that I read.

And so, adieu to Red Storm Rising. Heh.  A Jane Austen technothriller.  The mind reels…

Book of the Week: “Jane Austen’s The History of England.”

Why Jane Austen’s The History of England? Because… it’s a history of England? Written by Jane Austen? Yes, the Jane Austen. She was 16 and had her sister do the illustrations: so it’s short, but apparently… what you’d expect from somebody who grew up to be Jane Austen. This is a facsimile copy of the original, you can get it for four bucks, why are you still here?

And so, adieu to Angels of Music.

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Pride and Prejudice… and Zombies.

No, really.

510xxfxxxgl_sl500_aa240_Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is a real book, and it’s coming out in April, whereupon I will buy it.  They’re making the argument that the original book is actually quite amenable to being updated with zombies added, which makes perfect sense to me: everything is better with zombies added, after all.  The absolutely best part?  They’re talking movie scripts right now.

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