Well, it’s not that I want California to actually *burn*.

Americans live there. Shoot, illegal immigrants live there, and I don’t want to see any of them hurt in a societal crash, either.  But I cannot pretend that watching the state have a -3 or -4 Electoral Vote crash after the next Census wouldn’t appeal to me, and while Jerry Brown is merely the symptom of California’s problems he’s a fairly blatant one: Continue reading Well, it’s not that I want California to actually *burn*.

Jerry Brown gets smacked by Rick Perry over California’s business climate, and reacts… poorly.

(Via Hot Air Headlines) I can’t believe that Jerry Brown led with his chin with this one:

Gov. Jerry Brown publicly scoffed at Gov. Rick Perry’s attempt to draw Californians to Texas for better business, saying that the ad campaign is “barely a fart.”


Brown told reporters that if Perry wanted to be taken seriously, he would have to spend at least $25 million on radio and television ads. The ad paid for by TexasOne was a mere $24,000, which, Brown mockingly called “the smallest entry into the media market of California.”

(Audio of the ad here; text here) Continue reading Jerry Brown gets smacked by Rick Perry over California’s business climate, and reacts… poorly.

Will Gov. Moonbeam have a Ronnie Raygun moment? #OWS

Title chosen with malice aforethought.  The OWS is not exactly known for liking the Gipper.

You gotta wonder whether Governor Moonbeam (known mundanely as Jerry Brown) is going to intervene in the current situation in Oakland. Short version: the city of Oakland is tired of the rat-infested squatting being done by the Occupiers, and wants them gone.  Well, the city wants them to stop camping overnight.  This is a fairly reasonable request, which means that I expect that the Occupiers are going to fight it, tooth and dirty nail.  Possibly literally: you just don’t know how that crowd is going to react, once they realize that they’re spinning their wheels and the movement gets distilled down to the fanatics.

The reason that I wonder whether Gov. Brown is going to intervene is that he used to be the mayor of Oakland.  And do you know how he dealt with rioters, back in the day? Continue reading Will Gov. Moonbeam have a Ronnie Raygun moment? #OWS

California gun-grabber bill on Jerry Brown’s (D, CA) desk.

Your move, Governor Moonbeam.

The measure, aimed at an increasingly popular tactic used by 2nd Amendment activists, would make California the first state since 1987 to outlaw the controversial practice of publicly displaying a weapon.

The governor — a gun owner — has not taken an official position on the bill, passed by the Legislature last week. He has argued both sides of gun control issues in the past.

…because he’s going to have to make a choice now. California law currently permits the open wearing of unloaded firearms; this bill would eliminate such practices, despite the fact that an unloaded gun is pretty much by definition not a threat to anybody. But it does serve notice that there is someone out there who is prepared to respond to a threat, if necessary… and if people are worried that carrying guns might lead to gun violence: oddly enough, violent crime has gone down as firearms carry generally has gone up. Which should surprise nobody, but apparently still does. That’d be mostly people for whom guns are some sort of scary evil magical item, mind you. Continue reading California gun-grabber bill on Jerry Brown’s (D, CA) desk.

CA GOV: Moonbeam COULDN’T fire aide making ‘whore’ comment…

…because the technical term here would be ‘divorce.’

Yes. Fox News reports that the source of the misogynist attack is now alleged to be no less than Anne Gust Brown herself, who is both wife and campaign aide to Jerry Brown.  This is ‘alleged’ because there is some indication that this may be, of all things, a deliberate attempt by the Brown campaign to fix blame on the one person that cannot be fired or reprimanded by the candidate… because how can somebody go after one’s own wife*?  And what makes this so stereotypically… well, Democratic… is that there’s a hint – just a hint – that Moonbeam himself may have uttered (or at least repeated) the slur in the confusion.  Which, if true, means that Brown is making his wife take the fall for his own vicious, anti-woman attitudes.

Yeah. That’s one big hero that the Democrats have running over there in California.  I’d suggest that Californians ask him about this, but Brown’s reportedly canceled all of his public appearances until the next debate.

As I said: one big hero.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Yes, definitely, Meg Whitman for GovernorAren’t you tired of THOSE PEOPLE yet?

*Although Sanford Bishop (D, GA-02) certainly managed.  Relatedly: Mike Keown for Congress.

#rsrh Moonbeam Brown: cops can’t read!

Legal Insurrection noted this little detail from Brown’s Whore Incident, and it’s well worth noting: Brown doesn’t like him the police departments very much.

Beginning at 3:10 of the audio, Brown and his aides begin a discussion of Whitman’s proposed budget cuts.  A female voice says “Yeah, Jerry, we’ve got to focus on the police chiefs, we got to get them [inaudible].”  Another female voice in the background says “[Inaudible] I just want to make sure we talk about this.”  Brown then says (at 3:20):

“I’m going to hit that out of the park, not that they read.”

Charming guy, huh?  And by ‘charming’ I mean ‘sneering elitist who probably looks down on any person who voluntarily agrees to risk taking a bullet in the pursuit of protecting society.’  Hey, I like to pack a lot of meaning into my words…

Moe Lane

PS: Whitman for Governor.

#rsrh Meg Whitman minces no words.

Nice to see that she’s not going to pretend for the sake of a largely imaginary ‘comity’ (defined as ‘A Republican smiling when a Democrat says something vile about him or her’):

“The real tragedy here is Nicky. After Nov. 2, no one’s going to be watching out for Nicky Diaz. And Jerry, you know you should be ashamed, you and your surrogates … put her deportation at risk. You put it out there and you should be ashamed for sacrificing Nicky Diaz on the altar of your political ambitions.”

Mind you, Jerry Brown is as unacquainted with shame as he is courage: he wants to be Governor of California, and that would be worth any number of Nicky Diazs.  Besides, it’s her own fault, really: if Nicky Diaz wanted to be treated as an actual human being by the Californian Democratic establishment then she should have arranged matters so that she had been born an Anglo.

Moe Lane

PS: Meg Whitman for Governor.

Brown’s immigration smear of Whitman continues to unravel.

Two things to take away from this San Francisco Chronicle article (H/T: The Other McCain) on Jerry Brown’s Gloria Allred’s nonsensical attacks on Meg Whitman:

First, this sentence: “Lawyers said an employer’s obligation upon receiving a no-match letter from the Social Security Administration is to check their own records for typographical or other errors, inform the employee that the records do not match and tell the employee to correct them.”  Which is pretty much what the scrawl on the letter told Diaz to do (please see Greta van Susterin’s disembowelment of Gloria Allred for further details on said letter).  In fact, the action that Allred is apparently demanding would… wait for it, wait for it… have put Meg Whitman in danger of a discrimination lawsuit! Translation: Whitman followed the law.

Second, it’s kind of contemptible that Jerry Brown can’t fight his own battles, isn’t it? – Because let’s not pretend that this isn’t being done for Brown’s benefit.  I’d also make some commentary on whether Brown would try something this cheap against a male candidate, but for some reason it’s considered uncouth to point out that male Democratic politicians don’t consider any blow to be too low when it comes to dealing with their female opponents.  Still, I see no reason to let Brown get away with this: he’s Attorney General, so he knows the law.  And he knows that Whitman followed it, so he needs to come out and disavow it.

Which he won’t.  Because Jerry Brown is a coward.  And a sneak.

Moe Lane (Crosspost)

PS: Meg Whitman for Governor.

Moonbeam Brown protested at Code Pink shindig.

This report of a lie-in by pro-victory in Iraq protesters at a fundraiser held for Jerry Brown by notorious terrorist sympathizer Jodie Evans highlights a very, very serious set of questions involving not only Brown’s associations, but also his own motivations. The fact that Brown is attempting to get Code Pink’s money like this leads to various questions:

  • Jodie Evans once reportedly told a Gold Star Mother that her son deserved to die in Iraq. Does Jerry Brown agree with her?
  • Evans was a long-time supporter of genocidal mass murderer Saddam Hussein; as recently as the summer of 2008 she was nostalgic for a regime that routinely murdered, raped, and ethnically cleansed its internal enemies.  Is Jerry Brown likewise nostalgic for the days of pogroms and acts of ecocide against the Marsh Arabs?
  • Evans sat on the advisory board of International Occupation Watch, a group that conspired to convince US soldiers to desert.  Jerry Brown: pro- or anti-desertion? Excuse me: “conscientious objection.”
  • Jodie Evans’ Code Pink planned and brought off “protests” designed to attack critically wounded, recovering soldiers and their families.  What method does Jerry Brown use to keep from throwing his drink in Jodie Evans’ face?  Does he need one?
  • In 2009, Evans  helped provide material aid to Hamas in Gaza.  Are some of Jerry Brown’s best friends Jews?
  • As is exhaustively noted here, Jodie Evans and Jerry Brown have had a long, long shared political history.  Where does Jerry Brown differ from her?  Specific examples, please: we already know that he likes her money.

Continue reading Moonbeam Brown protested at Code Pink shindig.