Jim Carrey would like to take back that check that his ego wrote last week, please.

It would appear that Jim Carrey’s agent has finally tracked his client down and dangled him over the top of a building for a while*:


I’ll spare you too much of Carrey’s response, which I frankly am reading in short, controlled bursts (if I read for too long, my eyes start rolling up and to the right and I can’t stay focused on the middle of the screen), but this leaps out at me:

How shallow do they think I am?

…Is this a trick question?

Moe Lane

PS: This is, by the way, about one-third through the process.  The begging and pleading in earnest will start if and when Kick-Ass 2 tanks.  And, honestly, right now I’m not all that pumped to go see it.


*Yes, Batman WOULD make an awesome agent. Especially for writers who have decided that they no longer need to edit for length.