Tweet of the Day, The Joker Movie Trailer Has Dropped edition.

Still trying to decide what I think about this. Aside from everything else: without a Batman, what’s the point of a Joker? Well, maybe there’ll be an actual Batman in the movie. But still.

I’ve been meaning to compare Cash/Phoenix for a while now.

It’s… interesting.

Get Rhythm, Johnny Cash

Get Rhythm, Joaquin Phoenix

I mean, at the time I watched Walk the Line I totally believed Phoenix sounded precisely like Cash… but that isn’t really true, is it? Merely just close enough to let me watch the film.

That’s it. Sometimes the posts are more or less just for me.

Moe Lane

A better man would not mention the Joaquin Phoenix rapping thing.

After all, judging from some of the stuff that Phoenix supposedly did to get into his parts in Walk the Line and The Village*, he might be involved in something pretty deep, here. A decent man wouldn’t mock that – or the other possibility, which involves recreational chemicals.

I am not that man.

(non-linkable h/t my fellow-RS Contributor Paul Cella)

Apropos of nothing, Pat Boone must thank God every day that the Internet wasn’t really around when he started out doing heavy metal covers.

Moe Lane

*I don’t want to know what he did to get into his role in Gladiator.