This is a fun game that my readers can play.

The question was:

And these were my two immediate answers.

I’m open to other opinions on this one, though.  The Zevon one in particular may simply be hardcore bittersweet nostalgia on my part; Warren Zevon was one of the defining voices of my early adulthood. I still miss him.

In the iTunes: “Out Among the Stars.”

Ten bucks on Amazon, the monthly Amazon Associates credit came through, I had Out Among The Stars on my list, so it was an easy enough decision.  I’m about halfway through, and I agree with this review: fine but not essential. It’s genuinely new material that got buried for reasons that were perhaps independent of the actual merits of the songs, but I don’t think that there’s going to be any kind of A++ previously-hidden gem on this one.

But for ten bucks it’s a nice deal, especially if you like Johnny Cash.



Tweet of the Day, WHOA NEW JOHNNY CASH ALBUM edition.

This is going straight to the Wish List. Apparently it’s all new stuff:

I’ve been meaning to compare Cash/Phoenix for a while now.

It’s… interesting.

Get Rhythm, Johnny Cash

Get Rhythm, Joaquin Phoenix

I mean, at the time I watched Walk the Line I totally believed Phoenix sounded precisely like Cash… but that isn’t really true, is it? Merely just close enough to let me watch the film.

That’s it. Sometimes the posts are more or less just for me.

Moe Lane