I’ve already reported on John Walsh being out…

…(specifically, here) but here’s a blast from the past that puts the blame on this where it belongs: squarely on the shoulders of Harry Reid.

From that Politico article:

Former Montana Lt. Gov. John Bohlinger just jumped in the Montana Senate race last week – but he says national Democrats are already trying to push him out.

Foremost among them, according to the Democratic candidate? Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.).

Bohlinger ended up losing; open question how much that was due to Harry Reid wanting a plagiarist in that Senate slot, but I’m guessing that it was at least a factor. It’d be funny if they had to go back to Bohlinger now.  Also futile, but them’s the breaks.  Do your oppo on your own people, too.  Always do your oppo on your own people.

#DSCC endorses John Walsh’s plagiarism. I wonder what other candidates’ sins they’ll forgive?

Who am I kidding? The DSCC will forgive ALL of their candidates their sins.  It is not in their nature to do otherwise.

So, remember: the Democrats don’t think that lying and misrepresenation are necessarily deal-breakers for one of their candidates.

NYT: Senator John Walsh of Montana plagiarized his senior thesis.

And I will give the Old Grey Lady this: They didn’t play NAME! THAT! PARTY! with the title.

Montana Democrat’s Thesis Presented Others’ Work as His Own
Senator John Walsh of Montana Confronts Questions of Plagiarism

…Shocking, isn’t it?  And, here: let me give my readers an idea of just how serious this is. Continue reading NYT: Senator John Walsh of Montana plagiarized his senior thesis.

Leaked report reveals @JohnWalsh ripped off Montana National Guard.

This would be Lt. Governor John Walsh, Democrat, potential candidate for Senator – and possibly the person that would have been picked to temporarily replace the possibly-quitting Max Baucus, although that might be up in the air now.  The very short version: Walsh was running for a leadership position in the National Guard Association of the United States (NGAUS), and used his position as a colonel in the Montana NG to coerce his subordinates to join the group and improperly use resources to benefit the NGAUS.

I know, I know: sounds like something that would get investigated, and it was:

The report lists three different “substantiated allegation(s) and conclusion(s)”:

* Walsh improperly endorsed a non-federal entity (NGAUS);
* Walsh improperly used his government position for private gain;
* Walsh improperly used government resources.

But said investigation took place in 2010.  Amazing what you can get up to when you have the right people running the federal government, eh?

Continue reading Leaked report reveals @JohnWalsh ripped off Montana National Guard.