The DOOM that came to Wisconsin Democrats.

Here are the final results of last night’s primary contest, and presumably a variant of this[***] will end up on Democratic political operatives’ desks across the breadth of Wisconsin:

Barrett 390,109
Falk 228,940
Vinehout 26,926
La Follette 19,461
Huber 4,842
Total 670,278
Walker 626,538

Note that that total does not include the almost 20K of ‘Republican’ votes accumulated by ‘Republican’ Arthur Kohl-Riggs, given that the use of square quotes in both cases is justified.: he’s not a Republican, and neither were his supporters. And let me make this one point: Kohl-Riggs demonstrates why I don’t really believe in strategic opposite-side voting and/or Operation Chaos-style shenanigans.  I am not convinced that such things worked, and yesterday’s results seems to back me up on that. Yes, I know that Republican spoiler Isaac Weix came in second in the LT-GOV primary recall (which is why nobody on the Left is bring that race’s total voters up); but I should note that he did not, in point of fact, actually win. Continue reading The DOOM that came to Wisconsin Democrats.

#rsrh WI-RECALL update: Barrett, Falk acting like… Wisconsin Democrats, actually.

The Democratic Wisconsin recall primary battle continues to show all of the dignity and maturity levels of a high school Prom C0mmittee slap-fight:

A prominent Democratic Party leader is warning gubernatorial candidate Kathleen Falk not to go negative in her primary campaign against her rival Tom Barrett. Falk says she won’t change her strategy.

Dave Obey served in Congress for 41 years, and now supports Tom Barrett in the primary. Wednesday, Obey reacted to published reports that Kathleen Falk, behind in the polls, is going to take aim at Barrett.

Seriously, here’s a thematic translation of all of this: Continue reading #rsrh WI-RECALL update: Barrett, Falk acting like… Wisconsin Democrats, actually.

WI-GOV Recall Democrats running on… property tax hikes?

Wait, what?

If states are really the laboratories of democracy, then apparently Wisconsin is the place where all the mad scientists go to cook up the latest abomination of science with which to terrify the populace. And one case in point is the way that the Democratic party in Wisconsin has decided to run with the novel platform of explicitly offering to raise other people’s taxes in order to maintain certain Democratic cronies’ current-but-threatened standard of living.

I simply cannot come up with a sarcastic comment worthy of that particular brainstorm.  Sorry.

But let me give you the background.  Believe it or not, average property taxes went down in Wisconsin last year for the first time in over a decade. This happened because Scott Walker and the state legislature – not being idiots – knew that if they didn’t impose strict limits on property tax increases then local governments would simply hike said taxes up in order to maintain their current (and quite unsustainable) budgetary spending. Good news, right? Continue reading WI-GOV Recall Democrats running on… property tax hikes?

#rsrh Now THIS is an entertaining anti-Falk WI-GOV recall ad.

Not so much for the ad itself, but because I’m blatantly not giving a courtesy link to PolitiFact for it.

PolitiFact has been stepping in it with regard to their blatant partisanship lately, and the only way that they’re going to learn better is if they start getting negative feedback.  So… no link.  Links are for honest sites.

Moe Lane

PS: I support Scott Walker in the recall election, of course.

PPS: Hey, quick question: does Kathleen Falk think that stay at home moms don’t actually work?  Tom Barrett, too, for that matter – after all, they’re both Democrats, so it’s a valid question.  And one that should be asked, preferably when there’s a camera right there to get their instant reactions.

Update on the Scott Walker recall shenanigans.

So, let me tell you of the wickedness of the world… or, more accurately, of the abject stupidity of the anti-Scott Walker forces in Wisconsin.  Which is really not the same thing, but it at least sounds good.  Or at least jovial.

Anyway, here’s the background: the Wisconsin Left, having managed to allegedly get enough signatures to force a recall election against a governor enjoying a 51% approval rating (and this, after several years of nigh-relentless demonization) is now trying to figure out how to actually win a recall election with the schlubs, has-beens, never-weres and other political detritus that would make up their, and I use the term loosely, ‘talent pool.’  In this particular case, it doesn’t help that there’s an important fault line within the Left being revealed by events.  One the one hand, you’ve got the public sector union leadership, who are even now starting to feel the first signs of withdrawal from not being able to directly mainline mandatory union dues into their veins; on the other, there’s the actual Democratic party leadership, who are still hooked in with their source of ‘free’ money, and so are able to think more clearly. Continue reading Update on the Scott Walker recall shenanigans.