First stretch goal announced for the Kickstarter!

We’ve definitely funded for the original art, because I have awesome fans, but there’s a couple of stretch goals in place for the “A proper picture for my ‘Pickman’s Model!'” Kickstarter. Here’s the first one:

$600: Art for DECISIONS. DECISIONS will be my next chapbook, and it’s a mixed bag. Some horror, some fantasy, something that should be horror but isn’t – I really like some of the stories in here, and I’m looking forward to having more people read them. If we get to this stretch goal, I can get Ben to make art for them right away!  All backers at the $10 level will get a digital copy of DECISIONS (.mobi, .pdf, and .epub), in addition to existing goals.

My “A Proper Picture for my ‘Pickman’s Model'” Kickstarter is live!

Rejoice! And note that the A Proper Picture for my ‘Pickman’s Model’ Kickstarter is, as of the moment, strictly digital-only. Costs skyrocket when printing this stuff comes into play; besides, this is a short story we’re talking about. If we hit both planned stretch goals I may add print tiers, but no guarantees.

Hope to see you soon!

Announcing my new “A Proper Picture for my ‘Pickman’s Model’ Kickstarter!

Sign up here. Basically, this is a very quick-and-dirty art Kickstarter, starting May 12th. The short version is: I’ve revised and expanded my short story ‘Pickman’s Model’ (yes, I have no shame*) and I plan to publish it on Kindle, and so forth. But for that I need art. I’ve called in Ben Fleuter to make a proper picture for it, but he rather reasonably wishes to get paid.

The Kickstarter itself is going to be fairly low – but if we hit the target, the stretch goals will let me buy more art ahead of time, for the next one or two chapbooks I’m working on now. People who back at the $5 level will get a digital copy of ‘Pickman’s Model,’ complete with the art; people who back at the $10 level will get the story, and digital copies of any chapbooks (plus the art, of course) unlocked by the stretch goals. This is absolutely a digital-only Kickstarter, though. Printing physical books gets expensive, very very quickly.

Here’s the link. Hope you’ll sign up to be notified on launch!

Moe Lane

*Technically it’s my first professional fiction sale, only I never got paid. Long story.

The Steve Jackson Games Button Packs Kickstarter.

It’s safe to back this: the Steve Jackson Games Button Packs Kickstarter uses an American (i.e., non-slave labor) manufacturer. Which is good, because the $52 level includes a limited number of (signed) print reproductions of First Edition GURPS Autoduel. My own copy fell apart about a decade ago; it would have been agonizing to pass this chance up…

The fairly redundant MST3K Kickstarter post.

Redundant in the sense that there’s almost no point in putting this post up: the new MST3K Kickstarter may actually fund before I finish typing it out. Two million in as many days is pretty impressive. Although they’re really trying for five or six, which would let them produce a full season. Crowdfunding is a fascinating development…

If you backed TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION, check your email.

I’ve prepped and sent out the short story sampler. Six stories, one vignette: one of the stories has not seen previously, and one of them is the first chapter of TINSEL RAIN. Note that the stories have not been professionally edited, and will not be commercially distributed in their present form.

Annnnnnnd that’s a wrap for the TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION Kickstarter. Ahead of deadline, thank God. Buy the book here!