I wish that Kickstarter took PayPal. (Benign Kingdom Fall 2012 KS)

Said complaint is in regard to this project (Benign Kingdom Fall 2012*); I understand that Kickstarter would probably not mind taking PayPal, but I think that PP is missing a bet, here.

Moe Lane

*I read at least two of the webcomics involved, so I figure that I have a 50% chance at the $15 level at getting a print copy of the book from an artist that I know that I like.  Plus, these people need to eat and none of them have smashed me in the face with their politics recently.

I can tell Myq Kaplan PRECISELY what conceptual art is…

…from Kickstarters’ point of view: it’s art you can make a buck off of.  Which Mr. Kaplan’s project is doing for them, right now.  After all, they get a piece of every buck the guy’s raising.

I honestly hope that this doesn’t spoil it for Myq Kaplan: I like a good dose of meta as well as the next pers… wait, no, most people actually aren’t into meta.  I like a good dose of meta.


Panhandling, PayPal, Kickstarter and breast implants.

Well, it got you to click through.

Been thinking about this story – the title (“Bikini-clad Ohio woman is begging for boobs on Akron street corner“) says it all – and it’s interesting to see what the line is.  Because panhandling for breast implants (which you apparently need a license for*) is obviously a bit weird.  But isn’t this the same principle as Kickstarter?  Or, ahem…

…a PayPal button?

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A worthy Kickstarter: “Stone Skin Press – Anthologies of New Fiction.” @kennethhite @StoneSkinPress

It’s a collection of up to four books about heroes and whatnot:

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Like @kennethhite, I want a Cthulhu tiki mug…

…alas, also like @kennethhite* I don’t think that I can justify shelling out the forty bucks for one. Still, it’s pretty.

And no, not for ‘given values of pretty.’ I find the mug aesthetically pleasing on its own merits.

Moe Lane

*Why Ken doesn’t have a PayPal button – like, ahem, the one on my sidebar – or other sort of tip jar is a minor mystery. I’m sure that he’s got seven** people out there who are ready to shell out five bucks apiece to buy him a Cthulhu tiki mug…

**Well, I’d throw in five bucks.

Minus 4 hours and counting on the OGRE Kickstarter.

At this point, it’s ‘merely’ just an opportunity to score a good deal on all the multiple stretch goals that people have racked up already.  They’re not going to announce any more, so if you were holding out for the best result, there it is.  Anyway, thanks largely to my readership – which is a magnificently excellent readership* – and the various unlocking of funds I was able to score the Fourteen Pounds of Ogre, the Swag package, and the  T-Shirt saying “I made Steve Jackson work on Car Wars.”

I just now need to figure out where to put it.  The ‘permanent place on the dining room table’ that was suggested in comments?  Yeah.  That did not exactly fly.

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So… 9K left to getting a Car Wars Kickstarter.

They’re looking pretty close, and… look, I want Car Wars back, OK?  I am even now waiting to see if various funds unlock in enough time to push me up from the $100 (game) to the $150 (game and extra goodies) rate before the clock stops ticking, or I’d be kicking in more right now.  Since I can’t… hey, they have t-shirts!

Also, here’s an analysis of the entire SJG Kickstarter strategy.  There’s some interesting stuff in there that’s kind of relevant  beyond the immediate situation.

Walp. Stuff JUST GOT REAL on the OGRE Kickstarter.

This is how it goes, people: they get to $700K on the OGRE Kickstarter, then SJG will start a Car Wars Kickstarter.

This I want, for two reasons:

  1. I’ve been buying Car Wars since it came in little plastic boxes.
  2. If they Kickstart Car Wars, maybe they’ll Kickstart… In Nomine.  Which was and is my single favorite roleplaying game setting of all time.  More than Castle Falkenstein, more than Unknown Armies, more than Feng Shui, more than Paranoia, and yes, more even than Delta Green. And it may take a Kickstarter to get a Second Edition.

So… well, three days to go on that, huh? I’m already in at the $100 level (not quite able to hit $150, but that’s just swank at this point), myself.

OGRE Pledge Drive Update. (With thanks to my trolls.)

Well, that was fast.  Depending on what clears when, I should be able to cover the $100 level of the OGRE Kickstarter and might even hit the $150 level (which looks like the maximum level of interest to people who just want one game).  First, I’d like to thank the people who hit the tip jar so that I may buy fourteen pounds of board game.  Second, I’d like to thank those folks again.  And, heck, a third time.




…and now that I’ve established who is actually important in this situation, let me then tack on a happy little ‘thanks’ to all the folks who send out all that hate mail.  It would be enough to know that my existence blights yours; but to actually profit from it is living the dream.  As a philosopher once said: “It’s a good life, having idiots hate you.”

And the funny part?  The trolls never learn.

Kickstarter: The Miskatonic School for Girls board game.

(Via @kennethhite) Unfortunately, I already spent my gaming allowance for this month, or I’d be helping to fund this one now: the Miskatonic School for Girls Deck-Building Game.

I don’t know what I’d do with it, except go through the cards and laugh at the jokes, but it’s the sort of thing that ends up on my gaming shelves.