So, Gene Simmons is apparently NOT a suspect in a child porn case.

I find this to be a bit of a relief. But less than you’d think: because apparently there is a child porn case going on. Which means that somebody maybe did something horrible:

Los Angeles police say a task force investigating Internet crimes against children served a search warrant at the home of Kiss rocker Gene Simmons, but neither Simmons nor anyone in his family is suspected in the case.


“Members of the Los Angeles Police Department visited Mr. And Mrs. Simmons at their home to discuss a crime that may have occurred on their property last year while Mr. Simmons was away on tour with KISS,” [a statement from the family] read. “Neither Mr. Simmons nor any member of his family is a person of interest in the investigation and they are cooperating fully with the investigation. At this time, the police have requested that Mr. Simmons and his family not discuss the investigation publicly so as not to compromise it.”

Hope this gets settled soon.