Help. KOTOR is eating my brain.

And let me tell you: playing it after playing KOTOR 2 is hurting my brain.  Was the sequel as gleeful as the original at trying to send your character spiraling inward to the Dark Side, and I just don’t remember? – because Knights of the Old Republic seems pretty damned determined to bring me down.  And I understand that it gets worse as you go on.

Fun game, though.

So… this ‘Steam’ thing.

Is it useful?  I note that it seems to have the first Knights of the Old Republic on it; my existing copy doesn’t work on the latest version of Windows.  Does Steam address that problem with its electronic downloads?

Also: I have actually received a complaint that my personal PayPal donation button is too hard to find.  Far be it from me to keep people from keeping me in geekstuff: it’s now on the sidebar, above the Attackwatch report button. And also below: