Tweet of the Day, THAT’S An Alarming Unemployment Trendline edition.

There’s absolutely no argument from me that you don’t want to read too much into a dramatic graph.

At the same time, sometimes dramatic things do happen. Certainly it’s significant enough looking that people on the Left are there and starting to push back on it in earnest.  And why is it so difficult for the Left to admit that minimum wages have a negative impact on employment, anyway? It’s economics that even non-economists can understand.

#rsrh Democrats involved in LA housing payola?

Via Instapundit, it’s time for another game of…


Two high-level state officials have frozen nearly $150,000 in campaign contributions raised for them by a low-income housing developer now accused of bilking government agencies.

State Treasurer Bill Lockyer and state Controller John Chiang said they have put the money into separate accounts while they await the outcome of a federal probe into Advanced Development and Investment Inc [ADI]. The company has built dozens of subsidized apartment complexes up and down the state with taxpayer money.

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