Things are *crazy* around here right now.

Kids got back to school tomorrow, you see. So it’s making sure that their supplies are all set up and I gotta get ’em laundered and they came back from visiting their grandfather today and it’s been a busy afternoon. Hopefully it’ll quiet down tonight, after they’re put to bed. Hopefully.

If not: see you tomorrow! Hope everybody had a good Labor Day. I had some very nice brie breaded and deep fried with a remarkably smooth cider today, so it wasn’t too bad. And I got a haircut! I was meaning to get one of those.

So, I have the next couple of days off.

Wife’s taking the kids to go see Gramps, and I am going to decompress before we start up the school year next week (yeah, it’s kind of late).  Honestly, first day of school can get pretty dang stressful, for both me and the kids; I’m kind of looking forward to maybe getting a six-pack tomorrow and perusing MY Netflix for a change.  Or maybe Amazon Prime.  Got some watching to binge.

So I’ll be around, but maybe lazy.  What the heck.  Labor Day, right?

Hope everyone had a good Labor Day.

Ours was… functional. The sudden brake problem in the car kind of complicated things; I went out to get a feel for how bad the problem was, backed up about a foot, hit the brakes, hit the brakes REALLY HARD, said “NOPE. NOPE NOPE NOPE,” put the car in forward again, slammed on the brakes, and told my wife I’d get it to the shop tomorrow.  Which pretty much starts the timer on us having to go get a new car.  Well… a new used car. Obviously.

Still, it was nice out this weekend. Always a plus.

OTHER Tweet of the Day, @GovWalker Wants To Say ‘Hi’ To Union Leadership edition.

Oh, my. That is what we call beautiful.

To the accompaniment of many, many people screaming in impotent rage. Which is as it should be.

Moe Lane (crosspost)


Attention, Maryland parents: the Democrats want to extend summer vacation!

They won’t tell you the party affiliation of Peter Franchot, Rick Meehan and Sen. James N. Mathias Jr. – but I will. Oh, yes, I will: Democrats, the lot of ’em!



Eastern Shore and Western Maryland lawmakers joined Comptroller Peter Franchot on Thursday in calling for school to start after Labor Day.

The proposed change, hailed as a way to promote family time and extend the tourist season, would have a $74.3 million economic impact, the Bureau of Revenue Estimates said in a new report. School starts this year in most school systems around the state Aug. 26, a week before Labor Day.

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