Group Seed: The Lakeside Book Club.

Lakeside Book Club

Membership: 30

Meeting Place: the basement of Lakeside Gently Used Books (the owners of the business and the building are both cultists).  The bookstore has an amazing lawn, by the way.

Goal: to efficiently murder people for mild personal gain.

Damned Book That Started It All: a twenty page unbound essay that disjointedly argues that it is the duty and responsibility of all self-awakened members of the world community to harvest the ‘vital spark of those who cannot grow it within themselves,’ and so forth. It must be admitted that the general tone of the essay has a simultaneously self-satisfied and self-accusatory feel to it that is common with the more tedious and intolerant parts of early 21st century social media; which is impressive, since the essay appears to have been typed out on a mechanical typewriter at least a century ago.

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