Larry Hogan is cancer-free!

Excellent news! “Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan announced Monday that medical scans show no sign of the cancer he was diagnosed with five months ago, indicating that 18 weeks of intensive chemotherapy have put the disease into remission.” They’ll have to monitor him for the rest of his life, of course – but this is a good indication that that might be a good, long time.

Moe Lane

PS: Between this and the way that Gov. Hogan shut down the Baltimore riots in a day, it’s gonna be a hard time for a Democratic gubernatorial candidate in Maryland in 2018.

Baltimore curfew to end tonight.

‘Endorsed.’  Well, I suppose that you need to salve the pride of the mayor. She is, after all, elected head of Baltimore, at least until the next election:

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan on Sunday endorsed a decision to lift curfew that has been in place in Baltimore since rioting broke out earlier this week. Hogan also announced that 200 city businesses, most of them minority owned, were destroyed in the rioting.

“The mayor and I both talked and we agreed it’s time to get the community back to normal again,” Hogan, a Republican said. “It’s going to take a little while to get back to normal, but I think lifting the curfew is a good idea.

Hopefully, it will be. Certainly Governor Hogan did a good enough job in shutting down the riots before they could become self-sustaining that I’m willing enough to let him keep doing his job. Because, let’s make no mistake here: Mayor  Stephanie Rawlings-Blake didn’t do hers. Which should make the aforementioned next election in Baltimore interesting…

Moe Lane

Governor Larry Hogan (R) is done with the tomfoolery.

Which is why the tomfoolery on the streets of Baltimore has now been sharply curtailed. An example:

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Tweet of the Day, Larry Hogan Needs To Step Up edition.

Although I will concede that what Gov. Larry Hogan needs to do here is open for debate.

I don’t expect anything out of new-minted Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and I expect that I will get precisely that (yes, a tautology, but you know what I mean). But Gov. Hogan currently has to deal with the largest city in his state sliding out of control. As a Marylander myself, I’m quite interested to hear what he plans to do about it.

Gov. Larry Hogan (R, Maryland) apparently did well at first Board of Public Works meeting.

So I get asked:

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The Baltimore Sun’s interesting analysis of the Maryland-GOV race.

Regarding the recent Maryland Governor’s race – specifically, the Democratic primary- well, I don’t know if I’d go that far...

The decorated Army veteran and sitting lieutenant governor paled in many voters’ eyes next to a relatively inexperienced and unknown state delegate, Heather Mizeur. While Mr. Brown was racking up endorsements from virtually every corner of Maryland’s Democratic hierarchy, Ms. Mizeur’s unapologetically progressive, issue-oriented campaign was electrifying an increasingly significant segment of the electorate who are motivated by specific causes, not party affiliation. She was as detailed as she was passionate in the expression of her ideas, and she tapped into a liberal dissatisfaction with the Democratic establishment that is generally suppressed but is no less fervent than the conservative one. (Actually, a surprising number of conservative voters said they were attracted to her candidacy as well, for the simple fact that she actually appeared to believe what she was saying.)

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‘Anthony Brown – The Most Incompetent Man in Maryland.’

And oh, my, but Maryland Democrat Lt. Governor Anthony Brown is. This is the first ad from Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Hogan:

If you need a primer on why Lt. Governor Brown is incompetent, one can be found here. Executive summary: the Maryland Obamacare exchange was an utter disaster. And I don’t use the term ‘utter disaster’ lightly: we’re talking about almost $126 million being spent on a state exchange that didn’t work and had to be replaced.  And, in case you’re wondering: the replacement is scheduled to cost at least $43 million more dollars of my tax money. Three guesses if that project is going to come in under budget, and the first two don’t count. Continue reading ‘Anthony Brown – The Most Incompetent Man in Maryland.’