#rsrh MSNBC calls NAACP a bunch of racists!

…Which is, of course, a thoroughly nasty thing to say about the organization.  Are there individuals in the NAACP who are racist?  Without a doubt; some people plain just don’t like other people who don’t look like them.  And there are going to be people out there who can hide attitudes like that under various guises (including, alas, the venerable Democratic trick of finding a convenient Republican/conservative target, and unleashing a full torrent of racialized/ethnicized/sexualized venom upon her [usually her]).  But for MSNBC to argue that Mitt Romney went out to the NAACP to appeal to the racists in their ranks is just downright appalling… hold up, I’m getting a clarification over my ear mike.


OhhhhhMSNBC is actually claiming that Romney spoke to the NAACP in order to appeal to white racists.

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MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell *had* 32 teeth.

“Lawrence, we can end this interview right now if you don’t want me to finish my point.”

I know this, because I just watched him crawl on the floor trying to retrieve them after he tried to push around former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice.

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This one’s going around. Newsbusters, @adambaldwin, the Daily Caller – take your pick. Particularly enjoyable was the part where she called O’Donnell a liar:
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Lawrence O’Donnell loses it at Marc Thiessen.

I actually had a better title in mind, but it was too earthy for RedState. Anyway, watch this fascinating exercise in ‘speaking truth to power’ towards Marc Thiessen by O’Donnell:

If you conclude from that clip that ‘speaking truth to power’ is more or less equivalent to ‘throwing… feces’ [more earthy language, sorry] – well, you could be forgiven for that, given the evidence. Ed Morrissey calls it an ‘unhinged rant‘ – which I don’t agree with; speaking as a ranter myself, it’s not up to even minimal rhetorical standards – and wonders whether Joe Scarborough has had enough of this… there we go with the earthy language, again. O’Donnell has a genius for turning stuff into that sort of thing, it seems.

Moe Lane

PS: I haven’t actually read Courting Disaster: How the CIA Kept America Safe and How Barack Obama Is Inviting the Next Attack, but if it’s getting this kind of incoherent primate screeching in response then there must be something to it.

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